Downey Thanks NASA for Having Tony Stark's Back While Stuck in Space

After the Epic Avengers: The Endgame Trailer, NASA advised Mortal Studio how to return to the ground in the depths of the appearance of Robert Downey Juni's Tony Stark Earth.

The miracle, in return, recognized the space organization to help him. Now, the person responsible for the past and the next thanked NASA for joining the rescue effort.

Downey Thanks NASA for Having Tony Stark's Back While Stuck in Space

Downey Jr. Tweeted, "It's always good to know you well NASA" - it has been estimated that all fans, and Marvel Studios, we are thinking we all try to find out that Iron How will I take my way back? Land from titanium

We all know that Tony is low on oxygen, water and food. If he wants to return home and do what with Thanos (Avka "Decimation") with his passengers, to re-face with Avengers, he's just out of time.

If a group knows how to get people back home from the cosmos, it's a bad thing. Hopefully, some detailed advice is sent to mysterious part of the galaxy to bring a stark that it can be wasted. Because let's face it, because whatever Steve Rogers of Chris Evans and the rest of the other passengers have planned they will need it. Tight knight again

Avengers: Endgame will issue on April 26, 2019. Joe and Antonio, directed by Avengers of Russia, four stars Robert Downey Junior, Josh Brolin, Mark Ruffalo,

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