Elderly couple found dead in Rawalpindi

Police said Saturday on the 7th road within the limits of the Rawalpindi-police station New Town, an old couple found dead in mysterious condition in a house room.

Police added that Muttaqal was identified as Pervez Rafafi, 55 and his wife Saeed Parvez, whose bodies were moved to District Headquarters Hospital for autonomy. The police still do not know due to mysterious death.

Elderly couple found dead in Rawalpindi

According to police researchers, couple were living in a house on the 7th road with 7 sisters. He said the couple had slept last night but in the eighteen years in the morning, who troubled sister-in-law. The police said the brothers called Police and Rescue 1122, which opened the doors and killed two people.

Station House Officer PS New Town Sub Inspector Qaiser Nasim spoke to media men, saying that the police killed a couple in a room. He said that it was not known due to death and due to the death due to the police, the doctors were waiting for a medical report from the doctors. He said that the incident was mentioned in the daily criminal register.

Official sources said, on the other hand, the authorities took a mobile phone and an Internet device with the capture of the prisoner in Adela prison. The accused was identified as Tanveer. However, the prison administration has been hesitant to start legal proceedings against the charge.

According to the sources, the jail administration started search operations in Auckak in Adela Prison, and arrested Tanya, caught a mobile phone, SAM and an Internet device. Later, Indral Adelaah, Mansoor Akbar, was arrested as a prisoner to start the proceedings. The media said no action has been taken so far. Superintendent Adelaide Jail Mansoor Akbar did not answer the questions of the nation.