Exclusive: Bumblebee Director & Cast Respond to Our G.I. Joe Theory

The upcoming Transformer Spinov director of film Bombay and the cast responds to our theory that GI. Joe transformers for the universe. Bombay is the first Transformers Spinov, and the names around Burblebles and his human friend Charlie Watson (Heli Steinfeld). The film will stand in the film series of sixth film Transformers, while in the 1980s the film is presented for other films.

While the Transformers movies are getting stronger than 2007, while Paramet saw little success with GI. Joe: Cobra increased and gained in 2009. Joe: Retail in 2013. A third. The film, which had long considered development, was found in 2017 that G.

Exclusive: Bumblebee Director & Cast Respond to Our G.I. Joe Theory

The series will regenerate again. Successfully with the series of Transformers, it has been so much thought that the parameter will create a combined universe in which various different toys like transformers, GI. Joe, and Micrones. This is being said, the bombing of this combined world may be bombarded.

Our theory tells us that the role of John Jina, which is the Secure 7 Secrets named Agent Burns, is actually playing the original G. Which is Duke's name. The heroes did not just start joint universe between these two titles, but it can also explain that the sector will be known as 7GG. Joe.

Though the screen rental theory has not yet been confirmed, we have got the opportunity to sit with the Besmebal's director and the cast so that they think about the revision. Director Concert Knight, with regard to our interview, and the actor's playstation and George LindaBoberr RR can read below.

Screen rents: Well, this is a soft reboot of transformers franchise because we see Optimot Prime before being killed in 2000, so it's already on the ground, but it is likely to be GI franchise with Jan Gina. Feels like a rabbit. Duke is playing. Can you confirm or refuse it?

Teresa Knight: Yes, I mean, she is anti-human, but she is the same man who is a dimension. Where are you from where you look at their approach, then it is actually correct and thus makes it more awesome. You understand where he is coming from, you do not want to succeed because it means our end of the hero. But yes, John is just a naturally crisp person. He has set a great comedy time. . . He concentrates and this element is essentially brought, which was a bad man who gave him extra dimensions.

John Gina: Promote this guy. When Jack to hit these universities, I think this is a great idea, but again, we are at least, we can do everything, using our voice, making this film and hope people We agree with the film or fan that we or agree, if it is not mine. . . And I am very grateful for the type of words, I think these two franchisees have many connections. . .

The idea of ​​a sensor between transformers and GIs will definitely be interested in growing fans with this toy and animated series, and it's definitely not out of the scope of probability. In fact, it seems that Paramount has already considered this idea, because Dave Jason and Paramat talked about GG. Joe and Transformers singer. In addition, G. Which was originally starting transof 3