Facebook is expanding its video platform while reportedly slashing news show funding

Facebook watch is expanding, even it has failed to get a lot of commissions between small, digital-populous listeners. Today, the platform announced that 15 seconds of its ads were expanding to more than a dozen new countries, as well as on the global desktop on desktop and on Facebook lite.

This move comes like a Facebook fund for CNN, Buzzfeed, and some of its original news shows in partnership with ABC News.

Facebook is expanding its video platform while reportedly slashing news show funding

While Facebook's budget for news content remains at $ 90 million, the company is re-counting funds for other programs. The reports have also reported that the arrival of ads generated from Facebook Watch is expected.

In October, Facebook announced that it combined with the MTV jointly with international attention with the real world as a classic reality show, as well as markets of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America Set up an interactive game show. This afternoon it has been reported that Facebook is in touch with the HB.

Which can be subscribed to the service which can only be accessed within mobile app and watch The tab is more likely. So Facebook preferences are going to bend novels on classic television programming rather than investing on the popularity of digital magazine brands.

The recipient is looking at a number of specialists of the month's mathematics specialist in the interest of the users.
The Facebook watch has almost been half a year before the start of the watch, and the audience has naturally adapted to YouTube, Twitch, and other adult platforms. It can be a poor marketing and a product of consciousness. According to a recent survey by the Defense Division, in twelve months, the Facebook watch was not nearly unknown by 50% of American adults.

Facebook has not shown unique watch visitors and counts the visitors as separate views instead of the company. Today, the company said that more than 400 million users watch video for at least one minute per month. It is certain that in September this year YouTube estimate with 1.9 billion monthly users, according to the figures of the property.

The news is that Facebook will increase advertising in more countries and will continue to grow. The watch on the desktop will see that this video watches, especially according to the video international markets, it has a very valuable development opportunity for ad empire. New markets will be included in Watch China (Hong Kong), India (Bangladeshi), South Africa, Taiwan, Italy, Saudi Arabia. Service has also been communicated with other media about reaching a population of 30 and older, after which youngsters escape from Facebook in favor of its small, hipper sister platform institute. Let's know