Google Allo Is Shutting Down: Here's How to Save Your Chat History

After its smart messaging appellate ALP in April, Google has announced that after "stop investing", it will prevent it from preventing Aloe's support. Instead, to make SMS experience more effective, focuses on Android messages, and brings new features to the app.

The company says it will work till March 2019, after which it will no longer be available. Allow users are advised to export their chat history, and find an alternate app for quick messaging every day.

Google Allo Is Shutting Down: Here's How to Save Your Chat History

In April, Google stopped investing in Alloy, and transferred all its staff to other projects and moved all the resources to the Android Messages team. Unless, the company has introduced Alloy's famous features such as smart response, GIF, and desktop support for Android messages, and in a blog post published in Wednesday, Google has yet to end uproot Confirmed.

"Regarding the messages, continuous speed, we have decided to stop aloe support to focus on the messages. Alloy will continue to work through March 2019, and until then, you have communicated with your app from the app. History will be able to export history "the company added.

The messaging app has never done the way Google had hoped. On the other hand, Google's Video Calling app has been done very well, and is not fully planned to stop development. As Android messages, more than 175 million users are on service every month, and Google has contributed to improving experience of over 40 carriers and device makers. The company says it will add smart features to Android messages to upgrade SMS platforms.

As noted, Alloy will continue till March 2019, and before that users are advised to export their chat history to the app. To download all chat history, open the Allow app, head over Settings> Chat and then export messages from chat or export chat-based media. The former will only export messages, while later the media will include images, videos and other files.