Google halted Chinese data collection program after Dragonfly backlash

According to the new report of the interface, Google has stopped a data collection plan in China and has put a big blow on the controversial dragography project.

According to the report, Google is still investigating the search of Chinese web in search of the use of the search engines according to the country's sensitivity system, although a government launch has been unsuccessful.

Google halted Chinese data collection program after Dragonfly backlash

But faced with mass opposition within the company, the Google staff closed one of the main data resources in the project, which is very difficult.

In August, the interface has reported that Google established a Demi Search Engine in as a Chinese market research path.

Any questions by 265 will be redirected to the sugar-powered search engine, so it was not very useful as a product - but it gave Google a precious window that would likely be likely to find Chinese users.

He has also made important internal concerns, many workers have seen the site as a signal for Google's advanced Chinese issues.

According to the new report, the 265 was soon closed, and the rest of the Dragonfly Team database is facing major difficulties in increasing the project.

In the subsequent month, Dragonfly has become a vision for employment within Google, with more than 400 Google employees on a opposition letter against the project. A separate group of employees signed the same letter in support of the project.

Google's work in China was interested when the CEO was featured in front of House Justice Committee last year. Pointing to the lawmakers, the clutches repeatedly said that the company has "no plans" to start the search products in China. This is a statement which has no official release history.