How Congress missed another chance to hold big tech accountable

The TimeTime brings together all the press press press Twitter on Twitter, on the same occasion a live watch for several hours, and then a series of blog posts writes that nothing was important. This incident is known as Congress's hearing, and today we saw in our final final of the year.

After the deadly deadly disappearance, the Sauri slayer proceeded to Congress before more than three hours on Tuesday, whatever could be possible. Hearing before the House Judiciary Committee was explained, as before, the talks of Facebook are widely based on our legislators.

How Congress missed another chance to hold big tech accountable

For example, the question was about the Revenue Zoologger (DCA) that the image of Donald Trumpp when you "Google". Jesus answers Robertson's answer accurately,

According to reports, the first trumpet of this year has been reported on the "foolish" result. If you find the term, in reality, you will present images from most stories to why it happened. It appears as a result of external parties announcing Google's search results, which is famous as "Google Blast".

The trip is not the first president to get a Google bomber: In mid-2000, President George W. Bush got popularity in search of "unfortunate failure". This may be a political (or just funny) extension of the general search engine optimization strategy. In this case, it is convinced Google that the Trump image is that more people want them to "find" foolish "or post or attach it with this combination of words and pictures.

Then at that time there was a rep. City King (R-IA) asked the trumpet - We repeatedly explained Google's statement that his daughter's phone was running strangely.

King said, "I am a 7-year-old granny who has picked up my phone during the election, and she is playing a bit, type of game will play a child." "And then there is a picture of her grandfather. And I do not want to say what language was used around this grandfather's picture, but I ask you: this seven-year old How does the show show on the iPhone? "

Eddie Robertson took a break in it,

It is not clear what the King was referring to, but his granny's (and possibly Android phone) was displaying notification notification about a news story. The language around his image can be a secret forever, but during the campaign season, there was no shortage of writers with strong feelings about King's numerous racist and anti-immigrant statements, Or confirm the Canadian national nationality candidates. In any case, during the hearing, the king suggested that the Congress should examine his employees' social media profiles to monitor their political emotions - so some confused requests are less of the friction concerns It was probably possible.

But the Congress has to write completely, it is worth mentioning that they tried to eliminate the project dragography. Does Google build censor search engines for China - the subject of more internal differences - or not? Even the interface has Ren Goggers.

The clutches repeatedly emphasized that Dragon Flyley was an "internal effort" and Google has "no plans to start a search service in China." To ensure that the company will not start a device for surveillance and senses in China. Instead of answering, he said "provide information about consumers, and so we were promised that we always think that it is ideal for detecting possibilities." We are very wise. And we'll be engaging widely, as we progress. "

Fleet claims that the company has no plans to start the search engines in China, faced a transmission of a private meeting inside the company. In transportation, Ben Gomas, head of the company's search, discussed a goal of running service between January and April 2019. To be truthful for Congress's statement, Congress is just a possibility that the company has put a break on the dragonfly. The first time the project was presented in August.

Despite the efforts to follow lawmakers, they did not break much new land. (Although despite the follow-up interview with the Washington Post, the Peach felt something more than the discovery of Draffflyly that "we can use China and the users in areas like education and health services." We are trying to understand a market. ")

Because the Congress has given fate to the journalists better today. Reading my mind, Shiva Oide, blames with the strange structure of listening, which gives maximum opportunity to notify.

Fleet repeatedly fell on saying that the China plan is "cautious" and Google will be transparent if Google goes ahead. This is not a good answer. He needs to say how many employees