How to personalize chat background on WhatsApp - Tips

WhatsApp is going to roll up black mode for its iOS and Android users soon. The new mode, as the name implies, blacks the black background with black, which is more comfortable for eyes. The new mode will also help increase battery life on smartphones.

How to personalize chat background on WhatsApp - Tips

The latest feature will bring a new look and feel angry voice app chat. But did you know that you can personalize images from chat colors to new colors and even your gallery?

How can you do this here?

Start the WhatsApp app on your phone.

Go to Settings and tap on chat.

Scroll down and tap on the wallpaper.

Choose 'solid color' to use preloaded wallpaper.

Choose the wallpaper library to try new themes.

Download an additional wallpaper package to get started.

This package is more and better background images for your chat.

Select the gallery if you want to make photos from your phone as a new background.

If you already do not want to use any loaded background, select "Wallpaper".