Huawei CFO Arrested in Canada, Faces Extradition to the US

Canadian officials have said Wednesday that the financial officer head of China's Ecuadorian Technologies, after being arrested in Canada, is facing the United States.

According to the Canadian Department of Justice, December 1, Ren Zhangfi, a founder of the tech giant founder in Vancouver, also a senior executive, Ming Wenzhou.

Huawei CFO Arrested in Canada, Faces Extradition to the US

A bail hearing has been set for Thursday. The department declined to provide other details regarding publication restrictions. The spokesperson of the US Justice Department Mark Rimomedo refused to comment on this issue.

Confirming the arrests of a Chinese ambassador to China, he said in a statement, "Beijing strongly condemns such acts which has severely damaged the human rights of the victims." The spokesperson said that China has demonstrated protest in the United States and Canada, they emphasized "urgently to correct the mistake".

The spokesperson of the House of Representatives Chasin Schener said that Ming was arrested when he was transferring flights to Canada.

"The company has provided little information about the charge and is not aware of Ms. Ming's error." "The company believes that the Canadian and American legal systems will ultimately be concluded."

Meng is expected to face charges in New York's East District in Brooklyn.

US officials have investigated the export export violations of HAVE since 2016 and restrictions on Iran and other countries. It is not clear how Eve violated the restrictions.

Capture comes in a lot of momentum in US-China relations. Over the last year, China is engaged in a viable war between China and the United States, which has shattered markets all over the world and has damaged the relationship between the two major economies of the world.

President Donald Tampamp met China President Zingingen on a 20-summit meeting in Argentina last week, he tried to end a commercial war. But after meeting these days, Chinese and American officials exceeded the details of the dispute about the deal.

In the heart of conflict, a White House claims that China has violated the global trade laws by forced technology transfer and cybervoyer. The growing calls are increasing to increase the investigation of Chinese institutions, including emergency for the United States.

US officials have emphasized that China's commander belongs to leaders, who is a big smartphone maker HAVE. Ren, the Founder of the Eve, is a former officer in China's Freedom Army.

Last year, the Opposition chief of the Opposition, ZTE, was accused of violating US sanctions against Iran and North Korea, and sentenced $ 892 million (about Rs 6,300 crores) to the fine by the courts, treasury and business departments. Paid.

In April, the Commerce Department blamed ZTE against the settlement of 2017 and prevented American companies from exporting for seven years. Such a ban, which is called "death penalty", is clearly said it was considered to be quite tough to get out of business.

Zai allegedly interfere with the trump, and Trump emphasized the revenge on Commerce Rasul Ross. In July, trade took place, but banned the company, which is another.

Trump saw his interference in the ZTE case as a business chip from China on other commercial issues.

The ZTE and fuel equipment has been banned from the use of US government and its contractors. Trump has also banned a bill signed in August in August.

Two companies have been cut off more than the US market. In 2012, the House Intelligence Committee issued a frustration report on two organizations, who warned that "they provide opportunities for Chinese intelligence agencies" to spy on American companies or agencies that use their equipment.

The panel also emphasized that the federal government should stop the consent of US companies with two Chinese companies after reviewing the alleged relations of Chinese army and intelligence agencies.

Worldwide is competing with companies to control 5G telecommunication networks around the world.

On Wednesday, the British Telecom company, BT, said that it will not use force supply in the 5G network. Last week, New Zealand did this. In August, Australia banned immigrants and ZTE from their 5G networks.