Huawei mistrust imperils China tech ambitions

China's expensive drive is a sudden realistic test to dominate the next generation 5G technology, such as telecom companies such as HAVC proxy for Beijing's security apparatus.

The fifth generation is the next milestones in the mobile communication digital revolution, which produce close contact and wide data capability.

They will be able to adopt modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and automatic cars and factories in the future - development is very dangerous in China.

Huawei mistrust imperils China tech ambitions

Technologists said that 5G is expected to roll out in the coming years, to control the quality of the state and control the security and data traffic to the highest level of current high tech compared to the United States and China. To reduce

Air condition as a leading global supplier of telecommunications equipment for telecommunications systems - in most developing markets - provides internal track to China.

"This is a big threat because if Hoyvi reaches Western West markets, it will have the ability to increase and finance R & D." Global Tropical Expertist Paul Troyo with risk consulting eurosia group said.

He further added that it can also prevent the deployment of 5G networks in China, which is "an important part of China's overall effort to upgrade its industrial base".

The US Defense Framework is afraid that the importance of China's main 5G infrastructure is that it can fail to stop US military communications or otherwise face it.

If the US law enforcement efforts threatened to potentially devastate deficit for China - the ban on airwave Ming Vanzo in Canada resulted in ban on American chips and other major technology sales. After that on the occasion.

"It can be devastating for the technical purposes of China, threat (windmill) threatens itself, threatening industries and future development," he said.

Recently, New Zealand joined Australia and the United States in the primarily inefficient use of air tools in domestic networks. Following the arrest of Meng on December 1, emotions have been created from Tokyo to Brussels.

On Monday, the Kyodo News Agency reported that Japan's top three telecom companies have created tools from GEO and another major channel player from GE.

US authorities and lawmakers have long expressed concern that China can use its tech companies to steal business secrets. The allegations of Chinese Foreign Minister Lu Kong declared Monday as "funny".

Lu said, "They do not give evidence (pieces) to show how to protect HIV from their national security."

Army Engineer Bani, 74-year-old People's Liberation Army, participates in the background of Ren Zengfe.

The US has already put pressure on the ZTE, which had to face the preliminary preliminary year when the administration of the Tramp administration temporarily banned the U.S. companies from selling it with important ingredients.

Eve has preserved many famous 5G patents for telecom systems around the world and has provided networking equipment that will take more American data than the failure to put this information on accountability risk.

James Lewis, a technologist of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, wrote in an analysis last week, "One way to imagine (a threat) is to imagine that your home decides to bury it."

But American companies such as Intel and Qualcomm have developed key modern chips for 5G, which has a huge number of Washington based on these technologies.

If China closed supply of air purifier and separated the company, Shen Zhongong, China-US relations expert, Beijing Renman University, said "the blow" would be bigger than ZTE. "

"If the eyewitness is severely removed, China will lose 5G lead."

China's observers say that the more common global standpoint of president Jyang Jinging has accused more about Ebavi's problems.

The late leader Dan Zooping said that China's strategy to "stop your time hid your power" to avoid foreign backgrounds.

But Jesus has dumped, to gather a man's power, pursue the limits of the period, and to open China's openness for becoming a high-tech power openly.

Beijing also banned its corporations in 2015 for the help of the government on national security issues.

These steps have spread alarms in the west, and the United States has accused Chinese institutions of mass cyber attacks.

One of Zi's biggest criticisms in China is that: He takes a step very fast at this stage, has he tried to strengthen Chinese power soon? "Said Christopher Baling, a specialist at Philadelphia University in Segune.

"He has behaved as a close overall and thus working on the international level and people are saying he does not do so."