International travellers can get their phones seized at airports

Finance Minister Hamad Azer told the government that under the new policy, only one freeware cell phone phone has been allowed to allow people outside Pakistan and all the seized phones will be auctioned.

The FB's Custom Officers are entering mobile phones under the new phone, known as device identification and blocks system (DIRBS).
International travellers can get their phones seized at airports

If a traveler traveling in a country is 5 mobile phones, he can get a phone without paying tax while traveling in the country but he has to pay the registered and tax to keep four imported phones remaining.

If it is not registered, mobile devices can not be enabled in the country due to the restrictions made by Pakistan Television Communications Authority (PTA). Referring to an example, official sources said that with a price of Rs 24218 on import of one phone, the FBR

In a tweet, Hamad Azer said that for the benefit of foreign-based people, the mobile tax policy said that a phone will be registered as duty free. Second, there is no need for registration / duty on any phone (s) using roaming. "Third, no rig / duty is needed for use in the phone for less than 30 days."

In addition, no registration / duty is required on any phone, which was previously used in December or December in Pakistan in December. Hamad Azhar said that can be done on any customs base or airports or duties across Pakistan. He added that the phones are not being held during registration or duty payment.

Meanwhile, the FBR has also allowed the open auction of mobile phones. In this regard, the FBR has revised the auctioned mobile phone auction by the customs department and directed customers to destroy all the occupied mobile phones, which is the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (P) TA) are not verified / spotted.

The FBB has instructed the Model Customs Councils (MCCC) to set up mobile devices (new / used) pipes to set up the field formats, including mobile phones and brands, models and IMEI numbers. Check it out.

Later, the PTA will issue certification regarding mobile devices which are listed in the DBBS in white list. After that, after the set procedure, field formats will have to use such mobile devices through an open auction.

Mobile devices that are not verified by the PTA / white list are listed as per the regulatory requirements, will be processed for execution by the customer / director approved by the disaster.