James Cameron And Tom Cruise Almost Shot A Film In Space Together

In the submarine submarines, seven magazines were shot dead in the depths of the ocean, it naturally seems that James Cameron can get out of the blast at any time to shoot a movie between the stars. .

The fact is that it has been almost a decade ago - its latest castle has been considering questions from the readers, to celebrate the Empire 30 in the interview, Cameron claimed that she went to an international space station. The plan is making and its second biggest hit by Tom Hollywood, Tom Cruise.

Cameron told the emperor that "I actually talked about making space space in space [space]." I went to the International Space Station in 2000 with the Russians and with a high-end 3D documentary.

There was a contract. And I thought, 'sheet, man, we should make only one feature.' I said, 'Tom, you and me, we will get two seats on Suzhou, but someone will be trained as engineers.' Tom said, no problem, I train as a engineer. 'We had some ideas for the story, but it was still fantastic.'