Joker Director Confirms Production Wrap

After three months, film actor Todd Philips has confirmed the principal photography next year's Joker Solo movie, with the comedy production being completed after DC Comics movie.

Joker Director Confirms Production Wrap

Philips, who director and director of the next film, shared a picture of herself from the movie set on her association page. In which case of a mental hospital, the hangover filmmaker revealed that the film has now entered the long-term phase of preparation for the release of October.

This post has confirmed a report from the beginning of this month that the film wrapped principal photography in Brooklyn, with which John Phoenix and Zace Beet saw the film to take pictures of propaganda. On the last day of the filming, Phoenix was worn as his cousin as a cloud prince of Cloud and Arthur Fuk.

Now, after the production, officially with the film, the first-time trailer to work for the first time some time ago at the beginning of the next year.

Directed by coach Phil Philips and co-written, Joker Fanx is titled as character character with Robert De Niro, Mark Martin, Ziesey Beats, Francesis Bad, Bret Colin and Bill Camp. This will be issued on October 4, 2019.