Kangana Ranaut: Women are already empowered, just don’t suppress them

The next people in the queen Lammibbean Biekecinica call Kangen Rinot that people need to stop pressing women.

Actress Kungna Ranaut, who brings Queen's tremendous stories on a big screen with Menarenka, its seven-star stars are important for Biotech. Women's strength is a strong believer, they say that people need to stop pressing them.

Kangana Ranaut: Women are already empowered, just don’t suppress them

He said in a statement: "Growing, I was considered a hero hero, was absolutely serious and satisfied but when I realized that I needed to be free, I still took it. None of the family Even I was not allowed to talk to me but my mother hid me and asked me softly asking me what you had eaten? No question.

"In those days, I love and God is the ultimate truth and both are a woman. Since then, I have become believers of the power of women who can empower us.

"We do not have to empower them, they are powerful, and that is why humanity and human race are there. How can we force them?"

"We do not need to stress them, all this ... we need to respect their fine, modern and high strength and respect." Queen queen was a loyal person of women and his strength and Used it completely. "

With the film, Kanana Ranani wants to pay a respectful honor for her long life, and she is happy that she is taking such a stage by taking this stage among the women.

Kangna said that the film is celebrated by the spirit of fighting, it is the importance of rope in female actors who will make justice to the terrible characters gathered for them.

"In the film, the army of Ranani Lumbambi is his power. It was full of ladies who had a flow of an incredible soul and a fight for. We have many actors who make Akshita, Mushtaq and army. The role will be presented through the promotion, "Kanangana added, which is completely eliminating January 25, 2019.

Lohannandi played Jamalikari - Warrior's Queen and a reliable deal, will be seen as a young warrior in the Matthew Inquiry. He was trained in the battle of sword for horse riding and character.