Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Black Panther is Part of a Blaxploitation Renaissance

The symptoms of NBA, Kerry Abdul Jabbar believe that blocking films have thanked the administration of President Donald Trap, and the public can expect more artwork such as Black Panther.

In a column for the Hollywood reporter, Abdul Jabar said that things related to dependence, diversity, social justice, and equality are becoming more important in the next few years, as King Togler, the story of Ren Cougar (Chadk Boonma) Shaft.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Black Panther is Part of a Blaxploitation Renaissance

"Black painters (shafts by any other name) and widows are charming fish of emotional and soft emotional bushes, which sacrifice the ingredients of streets without raising both in literary institutions, which have shaft and l Exquisitely interesting, politically related, "he wrote.

The full-fledged movement with Black Jalos, Abd al-Barbar, also said that the new wave of blocks of movies will reject the end of sexuality and racism, and then due to political reform of global landscape. Their ambitions will be more intelligent.

"It is important to note that some of the classic blocking movies are very sexually illustrated, in our cultural history, reflect the embarrassment and embarrassment of the cultural history. That is why today, one of the important missions should be mentioned in the main mission: This attitude should be rejected. " Continued "Black paint was successful in doing so because he has included many women in the role of power that used unusually in his jobs. Throwing slave hacks to get rid of straight hair wig Black women are banned in white women's incredible ideology. Beauty. "

Abdul Jabar added that under the current administration, especially for women movement, vocal protests can be more than just a platform, with those people they believe that they are a real social change and policy for making policy. Are there

Apart from the videos (where Viola Davis and all her female employees who have stolen from the corrupt politicians), she has many other ideas like PopPrement (Geniefer in her own unique spin) And atomic blonde (where Charace is fighting against patriotism), which he believes he is statements from artists and creators who equality of equality between his and her audience in the industry and the audience. Want to