Kedarnath box office collection Day 6: The Sara Ali Khan film’s winning streak continues

Kedarnath Box Office Day 6: Abishish Kumar Kapoor, actor Sarah Ali Khan and Sushan Singh Rajput are performing well at the box office.

Abhajit Kapoor Director Kadnathath is doing well in the box office. The film Magom has succeeded in maintaining its speed despite facing the Open 2.0, targeting Rajantak and Akshay Kumar.

Kedarnath box office collection Day 6: The Sara Ali Khan film’s winning streak continues

Sushan Singh Rajput Starar traveled Rs 7 crore for his box office trip. Rs. 9.75 crores and Rs 10.75 crores on Saturday and Sunday. Continued to increase rates. Rs 4.25 crores on Monday. By earning it, he tested the week.

The 2013 Deadline 2013 is a love story against the devastating flood of 2013. The audience and critics used to admire Sarah Ali Khan's performance in the movie.

Earlier, Sarah, talking about Sara Sarah, told Kishoreath director, Abhishek Kapoor, told Indian Asia, "I want to make a star performer for him, but dates can not work. I think newcomers Come to the board. But when I met him, he took his stories really well. Sarah has not done any work and we had to start doing everything. "

"It is a challenge to make a movie on this scale, and then make an actor, but it is necessary to add me, Sarah is a bright girl. She understands the intensity of film and we get to get What he wanted. He took himself and given him 100% to give him. "

Samaj Gupta criticized Indian Express criticism, "It starts away from the promise: In any movie that ignores the obstacles in religious and class, young shows the love, its celebration It is mandatory that the film should give some real life gravity as a big plot by using the 2013 flood hit floods, but the writing is lower, and confused in the head, never knows what is hidden and Wearing like a life or infringement, especially when water increases, and exposure to life's risk. "