Main Badiya to Selfish: 5 songs from 2018 that made us bleed through our ears

2018 was a year of great and bad things, but here we are counting the worst songs of 5 years we were subject to this year..

It is a happy time of the year when we look at all our beautiful memories, we endured the challenges and we dreamed. However, in this big toy of sweet and good things, always a few spots are sprinkled, nasty shock increases.

Main Badiya to Selfish: 5 songs from 2018 that made us bleed through our ears

In every aspect of life, politics, sports, judiciary or entertainment, there were a few things to be appreciated at the end of the year. However, we are like those who are western, here are things starting on a farm note.

To flag all our revolutions in the world of the world in 2018, we decided to start a careful note of this year, which is coming.

Like every year, the worst movies were the biggest deposits of awesome songs that did not see the daylight. With the help of his strange lyrics or insane videos, there are songs that he has heard that this year is in our list of the worst songs.

1.Selfish,Race 3

Aao Ji, Mera Haath Thaamo Ji
Mere Sang Sang Chalo Aur, Vaha Baitho Na
Aur Thoda, Vaha Tasaali Se
Apne Khyalaat Ko, Share Karo Na

Ah! Salman Khan’s Race 3 was bound to make an early appearance on this list. With lyrics written by Bhai himself, the song has 1,59,000 dislikes on YouTube. With the lyrics that tell you to literally take a seat and preach selfishness, the song shoves the singing career of Bhai’s rumoured girlfriend down our throats while ruining Atif Aslam’s. Stop trying to make Iulia Vantur happen, it’s not gonna happen.

Bhai, if these are your ‘khayalat,’ please don’t ‘share’ them in the future.

2.Main Badhiya.Sanju

Main badhiya tu bhi badhiya
Shaadi kar le saanwariya
Phootengi phir phuljhadiyan
Badhiya badhiyaaan

Main bhi badhiya tu bhi badhiya
Par pahle dhoondon naukariya
Phodenge phir phuljhaldiya
Badhiya badhiya

Annoying lyrics, annoying singing and annoying video. I have never moved faster than to find the TV remote whenever this song comes on. Sunidhi Chaudhan makes you bleed through your ears with that horrible nasal voice, perhaps her impression of what yesteryear’s singers used to sound like. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

The only silver lining, at least the guy in the song is being responsible:

3.Gold Tamba,Bati Gul Meter Chalu

When you getting Gabbar
Why go for Sambha? 
When you getting gold
Why go for tamba?

Where do we even start with this one? The senseless lyrics, the cringeworthy video or the music that seems lifted straight out of a raging kanwad’s truck? Again, at least the song preaches safe sex:

Akkad bakkad baaki pencil mein rubber
Ho baby use the rubber

4.Tera Ghata,Gajendra Verma

Isme tera ghata
Mera kuch nahi jata
Zyada pyaar ho jata
Toh main seh nahi pata

Diljale aashiqs rejoice! There is something for all you whiners out there to make your anthem. And guess what? It requires no talent to sing it either. Isn’t it weird though how he made a song about someone else’s loss when uska kuch nai jaata?

5.Nain Phisal Gaya,Welcome to New York

Haal badal gaya
Chaal badal gayi
Tie ki tarah tere coat se latak gayi re

Joda aisa khil gaya re
Jodi aisi mil gayi re
Tere daaman se meri choli lo sil gayi re

Salman Khan makes a comeback on this list with his pulsating muscles and a Sonakshi Sinha who can’t stop undressing him with her eyes. What is more difficult? Watching the video or listening to the song?