On Nayanthara's birthday, makers of Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy unveil her look from the film - view pic

The Nursa Reddy team did not choose a better day to liberate the post of Neitherthra from the movie. The actor celebrated the 34th anniversary today and the producers released this film on the film in which he plays role of Sarma, Chanjjavi's wife of actressivada Nadsaima Reddy. Actress looks like a traditional dress poster with traditional ornaments.

This film is based on the release of the release of the releases of freedom of the Liberia, due to the rebellion against the Indian community, on the life of UVWorld Narasma Reddy. The film is in the shooting process. The films are also stars in the main characters, you are stars starring Tanna Bhattia, Vijpayee Stripe, Sandeep and Jagpa Baba. Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan will be seen in an audio in the film, while music is being produced by Bollywood musician Umt Tavidhi. The budget estimated for Rs 200 crores.

Recently, pictures from Georgia's schedule make photos on the internet. Chanjuji, Kochichi, Pardeep, Vishi Satipathi, Jagatti Babu and acting Brahmaji were part of this schedule and the makers incorporated these important roles. Directed by Sandy Rady, Ra Rama is ready to release at the Radio Reddy in 2019 and conspiracies are not yet confirming the release of the movie.

Kanji Raj Narasma Reddy is being bolded by Kundila Production Company, belonging to Chengjevi's star beta Ram Charan team.