OPPO unveils first 5G prototype

In a strategic partnership with China Mobile, the smartphone maker OPP has announced its search X 5G prototype for the first time in the China Mobile Global Partners Conference in Guangzhou.

The OPP flagship smartphone smartphone industry leads to allscreen phenomena. With the newly launched X, OPP has participated in the Western European market to gain access to more and more people in developing countries. The OPO said it would like to work with the manufacturers who set up a new system for 5G.

OPPO unveils first 5G prototype

In event, OPPO displays 5G data connectivity with Qualcomm and Clevelite and how fast it is to browsing, watch videos, and work on applications including video calls using Search X 5G prototype.

In 2019, there will be one of the first companies to start trading 5G smartphones, "said Bryan Shen, president of the OPP Global Vice President and China Business.

Earlier, in the 2018 OPP technology exhibition, smartphone maker focuses on raising R & D expenses on range of Rs 10 billion in 201 and 201. It increases 150 percent yearly. At the same time, the founder of OPEO, Tony Chen announced that the company will increase investment on an annual basis.

OPPO unveils first 5G prototype

"Smartphone will be based on a wide range of Smart Devices, which will be connected to all 5G networks." To address the areas of 'Smart Health' and 'Smart Home', OPPO already has Has started working on several smart devices, looking for the size of 5G and the latest technology, and collaborating with the whole industry, collaborating with the 5G + innovation environment. Sheen said.

"OPPO AG will develop 5G together with large data and cloud computing (5G + ABC), making smartphones and smart devices perfect 'mental personal assistant'.

OPPO unveils first 5G prototype

We believe that rich 5G application scenarios and killer 5 applications come forward in future, brings disappointing experiences to consumers. "Leo Leo, head of the OPP Research Institute further added.

With its collaboration with China's smartphone maker, Carmacium and other supply chain partners will have to promote their 5G ecosystem.