PewDiePie fans hack the Wall Street Journal

The PV DDP fan had already hacked Wall Street Journal, it is a claim that the paper is being offered an apology by trying to withdraw one of the survivors of YouTube's anti-crew opponents.

PewDiePie fans hack the Wall Street Journal

 Is Editing a sponsored post on the journal-linked site was modified to make the publication "pardon apologize", and by newspaper journalists he was "to blame". The hack note also states that the journal PewDiePie will sponsor in an attempt to defeat a rival channel in the race over the users.

Wall Street Journal representative said he was aware of the problem and started complete investigations. "This page was owned by WSJ. The custom solution, an advertising arm unit, is not connected to Wall Street Journal News Newsroom."

The Wall Street Journal immediately removed the damaged page, but is still available to read through internet archives.

The PV DDP fan, Wall Street Journal, has been opposed to the creation that he released an investigation in his channel in February 2017.

This research used anti-language language, in which Flex "Pie Dipp" Kjellberg lost his YouTube Red Series. Dyer is being dropped down by PewDiePie and Disney's make-up studios.