Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas sangeet: Here’s all that happened

Priyanka  Chopra and Nick Jones' Fairy wedding festivals have started on Friday. The parents dedicated the performances for each other, and the guests sung at their serious function.

Nick Jones and Prakashika Choprara made their relations personnel in August (Photo: Coordination / Prize)Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones's first wedding festivals have ended on Friday. While guests were reaching the whole day, the couple enjoyed their serious function in Syria.

According to the reports, the practice performed in her pink dress, used to perform her husband Nikki dance. The UN singer also surprised everyone like they used to perform for their women. In addition to the bride and bride, Priyanka's cousins, Priyanka Chopra and other Indian and international stars worked on some Bollywood, Punjabi and Rajasthani numbers. Syria also observed fireworks to celebrate the unions of the Ashoks. Nata and Mukesh Ambani also participated in the event with Isaac and Anant.

Nick Jones and Praktika Chopra were allegedly introduced to each other by ordinary friends, and things fly by 2017 for Matt Gala when they came together. After wearing clothes in Rauf Lauren from head to toe, the couple looked pretty beautiful when they screwed a screw for Shutterbog. Shortly, judgment and Nick were asked about each other and their relationship status. However, no concrete was presented twice a few times.

About a year later, the pair was clicked together on the occasion of memorable day in 2018. Nic and Decision both felt very happy in each other's company because they enjoyed a while. Shortly, Vikka was killed in his marriage as Nick's Cousin's wedding. And then, the couple does not feel back.

Reports about Nick to buy a engagement ring for the surfaced surfaced to close the typhony store in New York. And yes, you did this right guess, Prakashka then spread a huge stone at a friend's party in Mumbai. And soon enough, Prakashka and Nick to announce their Instagram handle to be together. An engagement party was thrown in Mumbai, where it is Bollywood who has identified her presence and she has a desire to live a couple of days.

Knick recently mentioned Joe Jones and Sophie Turner as well as her big day in Mumtaz. Both of them have been separated from the end of the year. There is more than one pair of wishes in the coming day.