Ranveer Singh: My wife gives 100 percent to whatever she does

While promoting his upcoming movie Sambaba on a reality fact, Railway Minister shared the details about the shooting of "Nagda Singh Dust" from Galilee Ram Lila of Gallony, which included Deepka Padukone.

Actor Royve Singh says he is proud of his wife and actress Deepika Padone who always gives 100% of her.

Ranveer Singh: My wife gives 100 percent to whatever she does

During shooting for the episode, Raviendra was impressed with the performance of Aishwarya Pandit. He hit the "Nagda Singh Dhang" Rinker and Deepka from Rasilila Ram Lila of 2013 film Gulon.

As he reminded the shooting days for singing, many ninths about Deepika said, read a statement.

"This song brings lots of memories. I was repeatedly tied back to Deepa and at this point, only at this point, I was limited to one attitude. When I saw him in 'Nagada ...', things changed, and I He also started to respect as an artist.

"I am proud of my wife who always gives 100% of what she does. I remember, this year she backed up five block bed movies. Hard work always plays, "He added.

Star couple had extended a wonderful wedding across India and Europe, where they belonged to Gothic in connection with a horse-related matter in Italy. There were three receptions: one Bengali and two in Mumbai.

The next year, actor Roman Shuttle has been directed, in Samemba, who plans to release it on December 28. The movie is Sarah Ali Khan too.