Razer teases first Xbox One mouse and keyboard

Xbox One's first official wireless mouse and keyboard work is available, and the raser is clearly how the two products will look and when we can learn more.

The full featured image was released at the end of the previous month, but it seems that most radar has spread below.

Razer teases first Xbox One mouse and keyboard

Now the company has advertised this pair advertising advertisement which promotes its announcement, which is included on the first day of CE: January 8.

We have detected for a year that the resizer partnered with Microsoft with Microsoft and the keyboard with Microsoft, and could have major effects for its future titles.

X-One-One players have been asking for a long time with the help of the mouse and the keyboard - the console was released in November 2013, and the feature just reached the last month but Microsoft was long-standing because players did not Players who are afraid of appropriate mouse movement can provide unprofitable benefits. .

We are still thinking that Microsoft has changed its mind so late in this game. Perhaps helplessness, which is coming to both of the Windows 10 gaming PCs and Xbox One consoles, will offer cross platform keyboard and mouse multiplayer.

If our eyes do not cheat us, it is far away from the efforts of the former sophisticated sofa resezer for new native microscope and steam machines. At this time, instead of a full size, the full sized PC gaming mouse (this can be a Razer Mamba?),

Plus full size mechanical switches and Razer color-changing Chroma backlit keys. In June, we reported that XBOX developers will access these Chroma colors to enhance their game.