Rohit Shetty on collaborating with Akshay Kumar: We will definitely work together

Rohit Shetty, a filmmaker, said she had discussed some ideas with Akshay Kumar, but both did not ban what she would do. Reports have been told that Roh has signed Aksha for the next, who will go to the floor after filmmaker 'Samaiba'.

Rohit said, "When I am doing, I will always be open. We have taken one or two ideas. I want to work with it, and we will definitely come together.

Rohit Shetty on collaborating with Akshay Kumar: We will definitely work together

"But at this time, we have left an idea yet, and we have just a few meetings what we can do and what we should do." Everyone is saying that our combination will be good. "

The director is currently looking forward to releasing his "Police" Samba ". The film is the role of actor Singh as actor.
Roht has worked with branches like Shahrukh Khan and Ajmi Dagan, the first director and director, say the energy of the ranger is "completely different".

"I have not seen this man very positive. A boy who is a superstar at this young age. His mentality, his thinking is still middle medicine. So he is the favorite of the media, the audience loves them. Yes, he has a big fan below. "

The director of "Chennai Express" says Runner did not make any prejudice and the way he works, is the way to become the next superstar.

"I've spent almost every day for the past six months and you know if someone's fake. He's really the one he's. What you see is the world. That's how hard, honest, emotional, is the next superstar. "

Sara Ali Khan is being targeted, 'Sambaiba' plans to be released on December 28.
The director says, although he knows that his loyal film is audiences, he is happy that 'Samba Saba' is the size.

"People feel that they are their movies. They have the property that works for me ... but I am happy with the movie. It will be big, numbers will do it, it's secondary. I'm honest I could not lie to myself.

"We have worked hard on it and it is ours. I will make movies every year and also find some movies with 'Sangham', 'Chennai Express' or 'Goa 3' and 'Sambaiba'. It's happened. Dust is absolutely perfect. "