Simmba song Aankh Marey: This remix version won’t disappoint you

Samumba song announcement: Tanyak Bagchi has written and surrounded by Marri, Naa Kakar, Mika Singh and Kumar Swar, written by Shabir Ahmed. Movie star Ranveer Singh and Sarah Ali Khan.

Ranveer Singh and Sarah Ali Khan Satarhar Sabha are the first song of "Kishma Mari", and unlike other remixes, it maintains the masala element of a original song.

Simmba song Aankh Marey: This remix version won’t disappoint you

The video of song begins with Karan Jan Johar to defeat the song. Runner and Sarah take to dance dance. Singh is known for the presence of his powerful screen and Khan meets him at every step. There is also one of the goals of the Gomma team. Kunal Kemmu points out the archive by half-night through the Shreyas Talpade and Tesar Kapoor Dance Numbers and the real song of My My Sipan, and they look at the sound of the lion's voice.

Watch the Song:

The Simba version of "Online Curse" is accompanied by Shabir Ahmed's lyrics of Mumbai and Nahhar Kakar. Song bakie has rebuilt this song.

The 1996 song titled My Merry Sapin was the song to sing the original version of Kumar Sinu and Kata Krishnamnamati's "Akan Mari", which was the first of Arshad Warsi. Wave Shah gave music.

The new track is fun, unusual and quiet. It can easily be called a latest version of the original song.

Roht Shetty directed December 28 to Samba.