Stan Lee & Black Panther Among Google's Most Popular Searches of 2018

Avengers: Infinity War could be the biggest movie of the year, but it was not enough to break the 2018 Google top five searches. In fact, another martial studio film, black paint, proved to be more popular on the search engines, alongside the late self-esteem Le Le Leo.

As we are close to the end of the year, Google officially announced its search trends from 2018. Le and Blake Panther succeeded in finding both Google's five-year discovery. After two players at World Cup Number, later OCC and late McMaker.

Stan Lee & Black Panther Among Google's Most Popular Searches of 2018

In the case of black paint, the fact is that the film is often able to work in the ground between popular searches. In addition to a significant increase in the film super heroes genre, giving the first black cast and giving her first hero to Marvel Studios to play her role. And if it was not quite remarkable, the film managed to destroy a record box office record for amazing $ 8 billion in World Box Office.

Although the closure of 2018 can be near, Black Panther is not less than that because it finds the film at the center of the rewards, not just Marul Studios being named as its first Golden Globe, but not only two hundred nominas. Is. Oscar's nominator may not be out of question for the best image.

Unfortunately, unlike black paint, the 2018 was less than stunning years for Stan Lee. Unusual comedy bookstation saw itself in the center of very troubled stories. At the beginning of the year, Lee found herself at the center of sexual abuse allegations from her nursing nurses, and things are just worst from there. The report was widely scared in April that the rotation started in April in April, and despite the lanes, the denies refused, the police was eventually brought to investigate. Sadly, Lee will later pass through the heart and breath failure in November.

Although Lee feels the same between the creators and fans, it can not be denied that the box office is growing in the future. And if there is a hint of black paint 2018, we are in a new year for the Wonderful Cinema Universal.