T-Mobile now supports eSIM for iOS

T-Mobile is now supporting the ISIS on Apple's latest iPhones, and they use two different phone numbers on a device, which is ideal for traveling overseas or to balance the work and personal numbers.

T-Mobile now supports eSIM for iOS

You will need to install a new T-Mobile app to use the carrier on the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and ESM inside the iPhone X. Once you are setting, you can choose one of the three available projects:

T-Mobile data for unlimited sound, text, and $ 70 for 30 days with a prepaid
Unlimited voice, text, and prepaid for $ 40 of 10 GL data for 30 days
Tourism plan with unlimited sound, text and 2 gb data stats for $ 30 for 21 days
The company says this service is designed for international visitors, although current T-Mobile users can also use the app to choose a prepaid option.

IT & TII was the first key carrier to support the eSM, prevented the feature out of this month. Visazaz followed it soon.

Your phone is running iOS 12.1.1 to use the SMS on any of these vehicles. If you need a guide, you can check our setup instructions