The Conjuring 3's Murder Trial Plot Confirmed By James Wan

Conjuring 3 producer James Van has already confirmed a report that the film will focus on the murder case where the monsters were captured as legal defense. Contrary to the first two films directed by Van, Conjuring will be directed by 3 Michael Chaves,

who recently lauded the Curse of La Lawrence to the upcoming horror movie. However, Wayne also plays the role of Franchise in steering, which includes spinophs like Anabel and Neon.

The Conjuring 3's Murder Trial Plot Confirmed By James Wan

Conjuring films are based on the real-life unusual investigations of the case files of Eddy and Lorraine Warren (paid by Petrick Wilson and Vera Farmina).

So far they have searched for Inelil Dolls, Amitello Hungers, Peru family families and Envelope Polyesterists. However, in Kanging 3, it seems that although the court will focus on removing the monsters to prove their presence.

Talking to the bloody disaster, Van described the important Conjuring movies as a "mountaineering" of the universe, so they are all based on the original case files of Warren. He explained that "it is important that Mandy Ship should be true in the encouragement of real people."

"Spinov is where we have to be more fun and weird and wonderful things are crazy." Wayne has already confirmed a report about the plot of a Congress 3 that focuses on a murderer's case, with a vicious occupation as a matter of defense:

"It is not necessarily an art-based but it is based on one of the warranty case files ... this is the man who was in trial for murder. I think this is in the history of America. The first time the defendants have used the worth the reason, as excuse. "

The Conjuring 3's Murder Trial Plot Confirmed By James Wan

Aaron Chenon Mugshot
According to the specs offered to Van, it is clear that Conjuring 3 will be based on the trial of Cheyenne Johnson (top image). In 1981, Johnson accused the owner of his master, Alan Bano, for the first degree in the murder. Before the murder, the 11-year-old David Glelyllel's family helped Warens in trying to eliminate a demon from the child's body.

Johnson claimed that after the boy's body escaped, the demon captured him and forced him to kill Bonn. In this trial, "The Devil Made It" was known as the case, attracted a media circus (participated by the warranty).

It seems as if Conjuring 3 could run similar land with Scott's former generation of Emperor Emily Gul, which was based on the original life of Nelson Miles and the upcoming trial, which included Microsoft's parents and two The priests accused of corruption.

With poor murder. There was a courtroom dramas as Emil Rose's former horror film, to find out how to use illegal interference in the election as a legal defense. Let's hope Conjuring 3 can provide the same interesting stories - along with the usual diet of course.