The glorious legacy of Dilip Kumar, arguably the subcontinent’s first method actor

It is a better person, poet and culture, awards, actor actor, Bollywood's greatest murmur, the tower of Dilip Kumar, is a version of every aspect of Hindi cinemas.

On Google, you will find the oldest pictures of the victory of Bollywood from the golden era, The Anand Kumar (today she turns 96 years). In most of these, viewers can see their magic chemistry. Images fight their intense screen. In a black and white picture, a dipap is digging on the online drop-down plate while another serious star is around his knees (such as BB Chopra) around the Kumar as a child's younger brother.

The glorious legacy of Dilip Kumar, arguably the subcontinent’s first method actor

Were there In the second, Dilip Kumar, in his subsequent years of trading marks, loves the love of childhood friend Raj Kapoor's cheeks. There are pictures of Kapoor and Kumar, whose parents were his favorite companions, playing cricket. Almost these, there is an unclear confession of the position of the Kumar as a big brother in the 1950s club. No one should be surprised.

Bollywood Express and Original Khan, Dilip Kumar was the eldest in all three. Along with this he formed the holy trinity of the 50 Hindi Hindi cinema, and yet, it was the only Kumar who had gone to develop the blueprint in the future that all heroes of Hindi film films will be lending.

Consider the decade 1950s. Raj Kapoor, who usually directed his own films, was ready to cope with the tram tram itself. As a young and independent country star, this cinema helped the poetic view of Shellander, Shankar Zakation and A Abbas, lying in socialist ideology.

The glorious legacy of Dilip Kumar, arguably the subcontinent’s first method actor

On the other hand, Dev Anand was a European star, in which his Gregory Pack - Craig Grants played an important role. Her urban heritage, stylish personality and Burmese comedy women made a glow. Meanwhile, Dilip Kumar was a serious and annoying, even weaker, trapped character and was part of his understanding and nature of nature.

Ashok Kumar can be the original source of this calamity, which had a constant impact on young and upcoming stars. King of trend, as Kumar had to go, was an apparent development process. Javed Akhtar once claimed that Kumar was the first step in the world. According to Akhtar, he was doing more work than Marshall Brandon, the way the King rejected the Hollywood Histrix and even the term itself was handled by Russian Russian actors.

The glorious legacy of Dilip Kumar, arguably the subcontinent’s first method actor

In Bollywood, you can not become a star if you do not have a little Dilip Kumar. Dhandriendra and Amitabh Bachchan, with Amir Khan, Govinda and Shah Rukh Khan, its influence can be felt in every generation of stars. An exhaustive fan, Amitabab, studied the performance of Kumar, especially in Gangmaana, in which Kumar's character Guru talked with a similar kind of tolerance that an exposed child, himself and Allahabad, north.

His heavy speaker from Uttar Pradesh emphasized that "It was very difficult for me to imagine how it was not from Uttar Pradesh, it was able to implement all the languages ​​of the whole language." In this blog, Written on Kumar's 89th birthday, Big B said, "Its presence will be documented as a period of time and their breakthrough of film," after Dilip Kumar and Dilip Kumar. "

A small town boy, Mrandandar encouraged him to leave his village in Punjab through his sweet idol, and to make Bollywood actor. After years, she will poetically hold, "Dilip Kumar is the bright star, whose brightness stole my desires to lighten up."

The king of this tragedy can neutrally start a career in 1944 by starting with Jawor Bhtha, but in a career it is surprisingly that he already wanted to be an actor. He has declared himself an "accidental" actor. Joseph was born as a fruit merchant, as a father born in Kiswani Bazar in Peshawar (Kapoor born Kapan too belongs to Shahrukh Khan's family).

The glorious legacy of Dilip Kumar, arguably the subcontinent’s first method actor

Joseph got educated in Nakhab but eventually the family moved to Bombay. Kumar's father, who was called "Aghaagi" at home, did not lose any love for the movie "Lao" movie. When he found out that his friends were working in films of Paradejaj (Raj Kapoor's father) son of Dewan Bachchanathathath, he is believed that "We do not send our respected family to our cinema." Unless Bombay Talkies of the Bombay Talkies gave him an actor at the deadly salary, which was more than the achievement of Raj Kapoor.

This studio came with screen names for incoming stars. These include Yusuf Khan, Basadov and Dilip Kumar. Young man finally wrote his name in a movie advertisement in a newspaper. He helped Dilip Kumar. A popular story is that Bravinantant Kapoor has tried to purify Aghagi by showing the posters of Jogno (1947). He said "do not worry". "Your son has adopted the second family to maintain the honor of the family."