The Joker's Dark Knight Pencil Trick Was as Dangerous as it Looks

Cracow's novel's Dark Knight Theaters were hit and its case was made for one of the best comedy book movies, it's more than a decade. One of the most memorable aspects of the film was famous as Heath Ledger's Joker, which included scenes of many bone-crossing through which the audience was completely purchased in the psychology of the character.

One of the most exquisite examples of Joker's shock value was "Pencil Scene", which made a lot of gas PP enough to watch the movie's crowded crowd. According to the result of interaction with some talent behind the film, it was intentionally to live in Gotham during the aggression of hosting the film and filming the movie.

The Joker's Dark Knight Pencil Trick Was as Dangerous as it Looks

In the scene, Joker stressed in meeting meeting owners of Gotham crime, which Joker wants to kill his banks after returning to the film's opening scene. When asked and asked when he should not be killed in the place, Joker replied, "How about magic magic?" She spends a pencil in a table so it's okay. Joker says "I'm going to disappear this pencil." As a dynamic point, he catches the head of the man and slams his desk, forces Pencil through his eyes and kills him.

Poor Hainman, who met this unforgettable, cruel lady, played in the film, by Charles Normandon, but thanks for joining the scene, is a shop in the Dark Knight Tragedy. The suspect who had talked with the conversation in a conversation was described as a detailed statement about the death penalty for the pencil trick.

In the interview, Jainman has explained how he immediately removed the pencil from the table, before Leger took his head in the table before, in fact, realistic in liquid fashion Will look Because the movie was shot in IMAX, the staff was selected to avoid the use of CGI pencil. Therefore, when Jacker caught Jim's head before moving his eyes to Pencil, there was really a stuck in a pencil table.

"I think the Crossover novel is telling me, 'Look, we'll walk on some shots where you need to get rid of this pencil.' '' We have done more than one high speed rehearsal to handle hands in my hands, taking the pencil, my body had to go down, and my head was removing the blanket. I was a little hair, because the pencil stuck at the table. If, for some reason, I could not find the time, we will not talk. Possibly through the Ouija board. "

George said, using two different tables, takes about two days. According to George, he preferred a real table to soften a blow on a rubber surface over a table for a جارح.

George said, "I have to tell you, I think the original table was very easy." "It was thin." He added. He emphasized a little bit, but when you were strike the wood ... to spread the whole thing, it is also the reason for its density. The table, was lesser. Like a feeling of feeling, an brick wall towels and running in it. "

Jamanman also knocked out "at least out" to say that he was fine to come with the leader. Purpose to remove this scene was definitely to paint, and Jeremy's threat was replaced with one of the most memorable scenes in a super hero movie.