Tiffany Haddish Wanted For The Female-Focused Jump Street Spin-Off

The black and jumps were drowned shortly before the plans to signal men a little in the Street Film series, both franchises can work independently. And Jump Street is taking down a female lead path, Tony Beddy with Sony wants a star.

Tiffany Haddish Wanted For The Female-Focused Jump Street Spin-Off

Unlike the last two movies, who had seen the aim of meeting the Unhealthy Heel and Chenging Tats with the students, the sources of the Kader tell the site that the hadeeth in a school as a student or a student in a school I am in a conversation to pursue a policeman. . Well, she's definitely getting a hi-tech experience with night school. And they will not remain alone because the studio Mad Riches Association is thinking seriously as another lead, who is a co-student with a student.

Rudney Ruthman, who was a 22-jump writer, wrote it and is now instructing here that Philip and Chris Miller can be taken from.

It is understood that it is still in the early days, there is no sign of release yet. Hadith will be heard in the second Lord / Miller joint, Lego Movie 2 (February 8) and is also heard in the 2 Secret Pet Pets (May 31).

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