Universal Theme Park Turns Megatron Into a Stand-Up Comedian

It looks like the ultimate transformers' departure Magatone has once again felt its resistance, and they are changing their "Machine Presence" with some seriously designed comedy skills.

Decepticon Universal Studios is one of the most popular attractions in Hollywood and she highlighted her release on YouTube with her gift to surprise her human guests.

Universal Theme Park Turns Megatron Into a Stand-Up Comedian

"Why did you prepare exactly like this? Will you do this?" Robot asks. When a man points to the finger in his female counterparts, Magatron says, "I do not care that it was his idea."

Comedy Gig Universal is not the only job of megawatts. Together with his colleagues, he takes part of the $ 100 million installation transformers: Sudide, who first began on three universal parks around the world in the later years of Michael B.

While the next bridal will not remain in Magnificon Forest, fans of Transformers Franchise will still be rooted to the film when the movie leaves this week.

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