WhatsApp to go ‘dark’ on both iOS and Android devices

Nighttime will provide some relief to our eyes using the Voice app if Facebook's proprietary messaging platform applies its 'deep mood'.

Rumors have been removed for such a long time, but the news has been confirmed by the so-called interface that this feature is under development and will be available to all voices users.

WhatsApp to go ‘dark’ on both iOS and Android devices

These facilities are likely to start after this month or after next year.

Deep mode, as the name suggests, turns white background into black, which is more comfortable than the eyes. Mode also helps in increasing battery life.

Android phones will be beneficial with the OLED display panel, because they will feature Dark Mode in faster calls than other screens.

In the beginning of this year, WhatsApp Group ended the video calling, and recently introduced a continuous voice message playback. In addition to sending text messages to both individuals and groups, Voice Phone also allows voice calls, video calls and more.