Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Mi A2, Others to Get Discounts During 'No. 1 Mi Fan Sale' in India

Xiaomi is ready to celebrate Christmas continuing with the MiI fans released by hosting the "NO.1 MI Fan Cell" in India. Sales, which will be between December 19 and December 21, will be discounted on the Xiaomi phones list, including Redmi Y2 ₹ 9,636, MA2 ₹ 15,290, and Redmi Note 5 Pro.

During the sale of MFN in the country, discount price tags will also come with various MIT models and accessories on such an MA body-wide scale. Similarly, Zimmy has contributed to providing money and back-ups to the partners with Google, Mobic, and Patty, and providing other offers to the people.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Mi A2, Others to Get Discounts During 'No. 1 Mi Fan Sale' in India

After this week, number 1 MIFIN, among other attractive deals during sale, Zia has redeemed Reddy Y2. The price is started. 8,999. It's less than Rs. Y2 9999 launch price. MAA 2, which is the company's latest Android One smartphone, will also be available with a rupee. At a price at Rs 1,000. 14,999.

Similarly, the Redmi Note 5 Pro ₹ 11,969 has been obtained a discount kit before the Redeemed Note 6 Pro Pro ₹ 13,999 will be available for the last month during the launch of the launch. 12,999.

Zami has offered money with PTM. 300 Cashbacks with different smartphone models, including Redmi Y2, Redmi Note 6 Pro, MA 2, Pokco F1, Radial 6 ₹ 8,439, Reddy 6A ₹ 5,999, Redmi 6 Pro ₹ 10,899, and Reddy Note 5 Pro.

Apart from different biometric smartphones, the number 1 MIFAN cell will be discounted on MIT models. The MTV 4A Pro will be available at Rs 49. 30,999, while MTV 4C Pro will sell at Rs 32. 14,999. MTV 4A 43 will also be available on rupees. During sales 21,999.

Especially, MVTV 4C, MTV 4A, was included in this product, which had received new prices in the country last month, on recent rupees of the Indian rupee against the US dollar.

The next upcoming sale of the Fan Fan will come to the M. Physical Structure Scheme. 1,799. This scale was resumed in March, under which the BMI, muscle mass and properties are fat to measure fat. 1,999. Coupons will also be brought on sale conversion offers, and a competition to win Reddy 6A. 1 or Coupon Price 1,000. In addition, it will offer the MI's safety service which is in the beginning. 549.

There will also be Christmas special M Gift cards in the sale of MIFIN. In addition, cases and coverings will also be included for your current Zero phone. 79.

Zimeomi's special color options for her smartphone will also be featured to celebrate the Christmas season. Poco F1 Rosso Red, Redmi Note 6 Pro Red, and Redmi Note 5 Pro Red will be. In addition, the 1000 million EM Power Bank 2i Red Edition Zyomo will be available during the sale.