Zachary Levi Teases Shazam!'s DC Extended Universe Connections

As DC fans are ready for Oman next week, Star Zakri Loy has already started dropping the indicator as its signature! The movie DC is the highest in the extended Universe.

When a fan asked on Twitter on Shazim, DC joins the expanded Universe Main of Steel and Wonder Woman, Levi revealed that it is a steady effort, while the general movies are the film David Sandberg's film associated with these films. .

Zachary Levi Teases Shazam!'s DC Extended Universe Connections

"The film is completely trackable on its own," said Big, a fan on his Twitter, "he said, a little bit of fun / homemade / Easter eggs that are caught in DCEU to enjoy there. . "

When the first trailer and promotional pictures are released, the fans already saw Easter Eggs referring to Superman and Batman, and it was once again sad that Henry Cable superman could make audio in the movie. However, we have still seen that more

DCEU references are minor things such as moral things and t-shirts that show how Basket is part of a wide DCEU.

By all indications, it seems like Shazm! Who director James Van's Aquaman, who recognizes the events of the attack of Steppenwolf in the Justice League but works as an independent story about the King of Atlantis.

David F., who arrived on April 5, 2019. Sandberber's Shazm! Stars like Alder Angels, Bullley Buttson, Zakri Looj like Shazim, Dr. Thods Sabanna, James Lyon, Ancient Magician Shazam, Bracelet, Mary Mary Burm Field, Jack Dalean Gorger, Freddic "Frieddy" Fermain,

Aan Chen. As Armored Padro Panaana, Fateh Hermann Darla Dudley, as Cooper Cooper Victor Wiszes, and hit as Rosa Wezaz.