Zareen Khan:I haven’t stopped crying since the accident

On Wednesday, on his way to Goa from Goa, a biker passed through the actor Zain Khan Khan's car. Unfortunately, biker was not saved from the accident and the scene lightly shook lightly and shook the zenon deeply.

Speaking specifically to the Bombay Times, the actor said, "It's so light with what I have done. It's not easy to digest the whole thing. I came back from Goa this morning. What happened so badly Is

Zareen Khan:I haven’t stopped crying since the accident

This guy (biker) has lost his life and my heart goes to his family. Since I have not stopped this wind. The car did not run too, it was stationery. "For the first time, Zenen did not face a road-related accident," he said, "a few months ago, I encountered a crash where a scooter was riding in my car."

Not much, but I took him to the police station because he rides in my car. But in this case, I really feel bad that someone has lost his life and I can not imagine what his family should do. Nothing to me with God's grace.

If you see the car, you'll understand how bad the effect is. We were waiting for a turn between a place between Calgary and Mapos. It was around 6pm and we were going to Mumbai. I was on the tour with my friends in Goa, he decided to fly back to Mumbai, while me and the other friend decided to return. We have just started our journey and when it was a terrible accident. "

"I did not get any chance to meet the biker family," he added, "when it happened, my friend got out of the car, picked up in his hands and we reached the hospital. Fortunately, two other people Helped. He entered the car and headed to the hospital. Later, when we were on the police station's road, we got news that he was not more. He had not reached the helmet due to his speed. He used to ride in the car and then distributed it to his head. The vehicle shouted literally.

I do not know what happened, as I was looking forward to, and then okay, he threw our car on the right. My car was full of blood, it was a terrible look and I could not find it. This is the latest in front of my eyes. "

When he is still out of the accident trauma, Zenen has a message for all motorcycle riders, "I have to ride motorcycles safely, wearing helmet and feel that their family is their home I am waiting. In Mumbai too, I have seen that they do not wear helmet and are always in a hurry. "