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2.0 Box Office Collection Day 14: Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar's movie set to overtake Aamir Khan's Dangal

Every passing day of the Robot 2.0 is recording the day. The film has sold Rs. 695 crores in the box office around the world. Collected and became the largest overall year of 2018. Rajenkanth's film has reduced the release of Amir Khan's most important homeowner's box office for two weeks of its release.

2.0 Box Office Collection Day 14: Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar's movie set to overtake Aamir Khan's Dangal

Dungal got Rs 380 crores in the Household Box Office, while 2.0 rupees are near Rs 400 crores. Schneker's Skyfly is now one of the three best-selling films at the top of the box office. Baahubali films 'early', and 'end' are still ahead of 2.0.

2.0 has taken record of Bagobalu 2 in Chennai. SS Rajamali 'Movie: Rs 18.85 crores. While 2.0 in the city city of Palavier, Rs 20 crore. More than that

In the Tamil Nadu box office, two weeks in the film, Rs 163.83 crores. The movie is not a big Hindi next week, as the box box will continue to work. Hollywood's release is the only competition from Spider-Man: in Spider-Weaver and Akman.

Rs 500 crore With more budget than 2.0, there is even more expensive Indian film. 100 crore before the release of the offer offered for the films. R. The club was entered.

The plot of the movie rotates around the robots (played by Rajanakot) and Pachisharan (paid by actor Kumar), who wants to revive the mobile phone users to avoid the lack of goodbye. 2.0 Amy Jackson also plays an important role.
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Robot 2.0:Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth's 2.0 maintains stronghold on Box office—Check out collections

New Delhi: One of the biggest releases of year 2.0, one day of his stay Tufanff took the box office. The film promised to be a visual performances and handed over the facts to its expectations.

2.0 stars actor Akshay Kumar and Superstar Rajinikanth play an important role in acting. While Rajininthant returned as a favorite 'Chaiti' robot, everybody stabilized us as a villain for his mass change.

Robot 2.0:Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth's 2.0 maintains stronghold on Box office—Check out collections

The film hit this column on November 29 and broke the box office record. During a week of release, around Rs 500 crores worldwide.

After the release, on the end of its second end, version 2.0 version dominates the box office.

The film criticism and analyst analyst Tarar Aashish took on Twitter to share the latest collection of the movie. He wrote, "# 2 point by ending a weekend at the end of the week ... a second overall [56.41%] and a wonderful overall help in the second sun [31.15%] ... [Week 2] Fri 5.85 Crores, seven 9.15 crores, sun 12 crores Total: ₹ 166.75 crores India business note: Hindi version. "

2.0 Opens with 10,500 screens around the world, which gave it the Sabha's biggest release on a movie film, which was released by Press Bollywood Bhubali 2, which released 9000 screens.

The 2.0 Magician is a Visual Extragen with VFX and it is one of the most expensive Indian movies ever. 3D movie makers have allegedly spent $ 75 million on VFX, which is about Rs 543 crores.

Robot 2.0 is directed by Shankar and Bold Productions by Bold. In this, Amy Jackson, Adil Hussain and Sanshya Pandey also play an important role.
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Ezra Miller Is Still Hyped For The Flashpoint Movie

DC live processes have an exciting time in universe theaters, when Zack Sewer created them with Mann Steel's ineffective way. Some components were released immediately, the formation of both the boys and heroes in this process. The Justice League might not have been important and the box office could have been successful, it was expected, but it had a foundation for big characters.

The Arizona Miller's flash Justice League was stolen, DC gave a lot of importance to the youth's needs and needs. Her solo movie has been hit several times, but the actors do not feel angry. Miller recently talked about her solo movie,

There is never anything in that world, but as we get some things, we're making a crazy dip fast movie. This is one of my great life's dreams, and the fact is we are on the way --- one who knows about Berry Allen knows he's late, it's too late, but when It goes all over if he goes there. We trust

There is a lot of problems facing the progressive project yet, Ezra Miller believes that his flash movie is still on the way. Although no release date is set and DC continues to work on other projects, they say it's only the same time when solo-flake output starts.

Alera Miller's opinion came with Bobo Bob with her recent interview as well as already with Viral Photo Hot, who comes with her. This 26-year-old actor has played two major franchise roles on the books, playing both Flash and Credit Babe in the franchise of exquisite animal. He sees how these types of blocks are made, and constantly convert to this studio. So now all this is about patience.

When Justice League Theater arrived in 2017, he did not save the money enough. Jaswadson eliminated the project after removing Jack Schneider, and the final result was a little part of a filmist film, in which two ideas excluded it. But one thing that did not disappoint, Arara Miller's real debut was as Berry Allen / Flash.

Berry's view ignored the audience and socially academically metamomine audience, and most of the movie's comedy moments brought. So his solo movie was absolutely but inevitable.

Unfortunately, the flash movie has suffered many failures in the past few years. After announcing, he has lost two different directories in Saint Greem-Smith and Rack Foumouva, who has left the project due to both creative differences. Its current estimation has been pushed at least once with at least 2012. But Arara Miller, Carrie Colomone and Bill Corridor are still connected, and hopefully some coming will be included by other DC likes.

Cinematography will update you flash and DC on everything because new details are public. Meanwhile, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip movies.
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Brad Bird Says Incredibles 2 Is Not A 'Kids Movie' And Should Be Reclassified

This Summer BlocksBacker's Offer was Pixar's Incredibles 2, a long time waiting for a family of supers. Since the movie was recently available on Blu-Ray and Digital, more and more families were killed in the summer. A fan complained to the Infidels 2 Director Brad Bird to add incredible words to a movie. Bird responded to a Twitter user's commentary, and started a wide range of conversations about medium animation.

The film is such a film that deals with sexual characters, media consumption and family themes. It can usually be seen by every age, but especially does not require excessive content cleaning because it is animated film.

Bird Bird's thread tweets an interesting conflict, many filmmakers of dynamic movies often face. Animation has long been considered as a medium for children, but there is another way to create and present a screen screen. Through the Disney / Pixar lens the lines are further faded, which often puts their movies and letters to a small audience - although most of them are not particularly "for children".

Take In 2015 While Pixar movie can enjoy children as an imaginary way to know about mind and emotions, it is about innocence and childhood loss. It is a fact that only adults can identify it, who are experiencing themselves.

Director Glermo del Toro also emphasized Twitter's conversation, explaining how animation is middle, not just a style for children and families. This is an interesting discussion, especially since the studio often cites dynamic movies as children, when filmmakers have created it for a wide audience. For parents caught between these two parties, it can be considered to show the movie for your children, it only creates for them, and looking for some other adult topics as you see.

When you ground these themes, check out the list of other movies that were recently available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital.
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Our baby is really lucky to have Yash as a father:He become very happy

April 23 is a day that will always be always in memory of her. And okay. "Daddy, mother and I had to travel this week and then I came to know that we were hoping. I got vacant for a moment and when I hit it, I was jumping well. I wanted to Share the moment with Yash, but he was away from Missouri and I could not reach it. When I finally did, I told him to come to the video call. "Why? Do you miss me a lot, "Yash had a quick answer.

I asked him to come online and ask all these questions, "Rica is laughing with Pandit, the day she found out that she was pregnant with her baby with a pregnant yash." When she came to the video call I asked him, "Are you ready to become a father?" He registered it with a moment and when he realized that I just said, Yash was more than the moon. In the next three hours, he returned home in Bangalore with a huge barrier filled with sweets. I can not even start explaining how it was extremely interesting. We later shared the news with our families that day, "please agree.

The fact is that Yesh always loves the children and that's why Ra'ma loved them. "When he proposed to me, Yash said the best things. He talked with a point in which he saw
Self, his wife and a rooftop, with a baby, on a beautiful beach. And the woman was in her view. He made this agreement with me, "says actor.

Since the couple find out that they are expecting, Yash is spending every trial moment with him and has not left any stone to fulfill the wishes of his women. "In contrast to the richest mothers, I did not like anything. But one day, I felt like eating coffee." The next hour, every kind of sizes and sizes of the calf The taste was placed in front of him, "he added," I'm not getting out of these days for these days, as I'm now closer to the expected date. "

Recently I just did at the same time to launch the KGF trailer. And when I got the goods for this event, I got it
Manage all scanners to switch to the building. That's what: When I leave home till I get back, it ensures that I'm comfortable every moment. "It's not all about the child that there is no room for a romantic resort." Yash recently associated Radica Maldives to a gangster.

"We had a comfortable time and on the way, I told Yash that it was possible that we would be the only two of the last two holidays.
Which he said, 'It's all when I just had to share my life with you.' Now we will become a new person to share our lives. 'I know this child is really lucky.

Yash was a great friend, a wonderful boyfriend and a better husband too. I am confident that our child will get the best prescription, "says Rajdecca, because couples welcome their child in December.
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