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2.0 Box Office Collection Day 18: Rajinikanth's film continues to rule, earns Rs 710 crore worldwide

Shankar 2.0 is still the living-in-the-box management arrangements, despite the DCE Aquaman, Spider-Man: Spider-Weaver. Rajenkanth's film has collected Rs 177.75 crores from its Hindi version and Rs 700 crore worldwide. 2.0 in the third week of the world Rs 710 crore.

2.0 Box Office Collection Day 18: Rajinikanth's film continues to rule, earns Rs 710 crore worldwide

VFX heavy-ski film is collecting huge box office from around the world. The film also has the most expensive Indian film title. 2.0 has welcomed mixed criticism with both the audience and critics.

The film has recorded many reports from its release and records have already been broken before release. Some of them are:

1. A club of Rs. 100 crores was also lodged in the box office before its release due to pre-booking.

2. World's seventh most paid male actor, Akshay Kumar's biggest assault.

3. Fastest movie to a maximum of 3 million tickets sold on BookMyShow.

4. Most cumulative Hindi film from Rajanikanth's history.

5. The first Indian film near the Rs 300 crore rupee in ticket booking at the booklet show

6. The first colvoid film marks of Rs 700 crores in the Global Box Office.

7. Therefore, the first film to cross the 20 crore rupee in Chennai's native city.

There is a configuration of 2.0 2010 container (robot). Rajanakkath plays the main role of Chatti, and Dr. Vasengan as well as Microbots 3.0. Akshi Kumar has played the role of Pashhi Raja (Birdman) as the main opponent in the film.
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This video of Nayanthara from the sets of SK13 in Azerbaijan is going viral and it deserves a watch!

Ninwarara is the title of Lady Superstar. This year, the actors were back behind, first in the Colomy Cocaulia and then in Tiki and Jay Samha Tulu and Jay Samha. According to the title 2019, according to its Kitty, Wees, Eva, Coliviera Kalam,

This video of Nayanthara from the sets of SK13 in Azerbaijan is going viral and it deserves a watch!

Vasalam, Sa Ra Ra Nascyma Radiidhi and a trend, according to the SK13 Tamil movie, the act of promise to be performed by M. Rajesh, directed by M. Rajesh Is. The actress is currently shooting next year in next year in Azerbaijan. The film is a comedy drama and foreign schedule is in a complete fight.

During the shoot update, a video from the shooting site is now being wired on the Internet. Neon is playing with a child and is very beautiful for words of words.

The SK13's Ganalal is produced by Raja and its music is developed by Hip Hop Audi. Actress Satish is playing a major role in the film. Apart from this, Natthara is waiting for the release of Ajita Starry Visasam, which will release Pongal 2019.
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2.0 Box Office Collection Day 14: Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar's movie set to overtake Aamir Khan's Dangal

Every passing day of the Robot 2.0 is recording the day. The film has sold Rs. 695 crores in the box office around the world. Collected and became the largest overall year of 2018. Rajenkanth's film has reduced the release of Amir Khan's most important homeowner's box office for two weeks of its release.

2.0 Box Office Collection Day 14: Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar's movie set to overtake Aamir Khan's Dangal

Dungal got Rs 380 crores in the Household Box Office, while 2.0 rupees are near Rs 400 crores. Schneker's Skyfly is now one of the three best-selling films at the top of the box office. Baahubali films 'early', and 'end' are still ahead of 2.0.

2.0 has taken record of Bagobalu 2 in Chennai. SS Rajamali 'Movie: Rs 18.85 crores. While 2.0 in the city city of Palavier, Rs 20 crore. More than that

In the Tamil Nadu box office, two weeks in the film, Rs 163.83 crores. The movie is not a big Hindi next week, as the box box will continue to work. Hollywood's release is the only competition from Spider-Man: in Spider-Weaver and Akman.

Rs 500 crore With more budget than 2.0, there is even more expensive Indian film. 100 crore before the release of the offer offered for the films. R. The club was entered.

The plot of the movie rotates around the robots (played by Rajanakot) and Pachisharan (paid by actor Kumar), who wants to revive the mobile phone users to avoid the lack of goodbye. 2.0 Amy Jackson also plays an important role.
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Robot 2.0:Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth's 2.0 maintains stronghold on Box office—Check out collections

New Delhi: One of the biggest releases of year 2.0, one day of his stay Tufanff took the box office. The film promised to be a visual performances and handed over the facts to its expectations.

2.0 stars actor Akshay Kumar and Superstar Rajinikanth play an important role in acting. While Rajininthant returned as a favorite 'Chaiti' robot, everybody stabilized us as a villain for his mass change.

Robot 2.0:Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth's 2.0 maintains stronghold on Box office—Check out collections

The film hit this column on November 29 and broke the box office record. During a week of release, around Rs 500 crores worldwide.

After the release, on the end of its second end, version 2.0 version dominates the box office.

The film criticism and analyst analyst Tarar Aashish took on Twitter to share the latest collection of the movie. He wrote, "# 2 point by ending a weekend at the end of the week ... a second overall [56.41%] and a wonderful overall help in the second sun [31.15%] ... [Week 2] Fri 5.85 Crores, seven 9.15 crores, sun 12 crores Total: ₹ 166.75 crores India business note: Hindi version. "

2.0 Opens with 10,500 screens around the world, which gave it the Sabha's biggest release on a movie film, which was released by Press Bollywood Bhubali 2, which released 9000 screens.

The 2.0 Magician is a Visual Extragen with VFX and it is one of the most expensive Indian movies ever. 3D movie makers have allegedly spent $ 75 million on VFX, which is about Rs 543 crores.

Robot 2.0 is directed by Shankar and Bold Productions by Bold. In this, Amy Jackson, Adil Hussain and Sanshya Pandey also play an important role.
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2.0 (Hindi) Box Office Collection Day 10: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar's Film 'Picks Up Speed Again

2.0 Theaters were joined by Cannathath but the Hindi version of Rajanikaran's film is taking into account the box office score, analyst Tarnish Aashish reports. On its second week, the 2.0 version of 2.0 increased over 2.0 rupees. 9 crores, overall emphasis on one affected rupee. Rs 154 crore.

2.0 (Hindi) Box Office Collection Day 10: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar's Film 'Picks Up Speed Again

He tweeted on Sunday. On its second Friday, the Hindi version of the movie has made almost Rs. 9 crores against Friday and 56 percent on Saturday increased. In his report card for 2.0, Mr Adar wrote: "2.0 Raising speed ... Development on second city [Collecting visa number 2]: 56.41% ... Second sun should score ... [Week 2] Deposits 5.85 crores, seven 9.15 crores Total: 154.75 crores India box. Note: Hindi version. "

2.0 is a set of 2.0 for the SIX FI blockbuster Enthiran. The Hindi version of the film is divided by Dharma Johor's Dharma productions. 2.0 (All Versions) weekly in box office box at around Rs 1 to 500 crore.

Epic 2.0 is based on a budget of 500 crores and according to reports, 370 crores have already been recovered before the release of the films through the sale of satellite and digital rights.

Directed by S. Sagar, 2.0 star Akhtar Kumar, a non-moderate expert, named Dr. Richard, as opponents. Rajnikak strengthened the two roles as Dr. Vasengaran and his creation robot rock.

Meanwhile, Cadreathath of Sara Ali Khan and Sushan Singh Rajput in the two-day ticket address said Rs 17 crore. Recorded Kedarnath Sara's first sign is Bollywood.
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2.0 box office day 2: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar film earns Rs 38.25 cr in Hindi, is second highest opener ever

2.0 Combined Collection with Box Office, South India has set another record. Aksana Kumar, Rajnikik film, probably failed to become the highest opener in the Indian cinema, but he went to Aamir Khan's Thugs of Hindustan to take another place. 2.0 days two box office collections, at least the Hindi version also encourages to ensure a good reception for SkyFi.

2.0 box office day 2: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar film earns Rs 38.25 cr in Hindi, is second highest opener ever

According to trade analyst Taran Adesh, 2.0 (Hindi) on the second day of release was Rs 18 crore. Received, which was going to work again. The overall total of this film is Rs 38.25 crores. Arrives, which has a slight decrease in daily cost. "# 2 point is strong on 2 days 2 ... Although the day has been denied 2 days, the business should accelerate the fasting on the day 3 [City] and day 4 [pig] ... Thursday 20.25 crores, 18 Crore rupees Total: ₹ 38.25 crores India business note: Hindi version, "she
According to the report, Mumbai Tamil film is working well in Delhi and UP, East Punjab, Bihar and Central India as well as Mumbai and West Bengal. Experts chanted Aksha's popularity. The actor played a role in the film.

On Thursday, 2.0 has started only one start in the box office, with Hindi version only 20.25 crores. Film criticism and analysis analyst Little Aashen took Twitter to share news, "Release of non-holiday ... Non-festival period ... yet, # 2 point 0 is a better start ... mind the fact Keep in mind that it's sinking, movies + advance books are too late, it's strong ... Friday? 20.25 crores. India Business Note: Hindi version. "

One day, 2.0 is around Rs 64 crore and Rs 80 crore in India. It makes it the biggest opener after Baibobali: its result is Rs 150 crore. The top 5 most open day commanders have just completed two Indian films, including Thugs of Hindustan, Prem Rittan Khan Pao and Kabli.

Rajinkanth's fans hit the screens on 2.0 as a maximum movie expected to dance across Chennai and on Thursday. Instructor directed by Schneer 2.0 2.0 stars can manage cats and mobile phones as a super-villain, to arrange management worldwide. When the world needs a super hero very much, scientists and researchers return the role of Chitti, Robotic.

Ensuring 'Super Power Rebuilding', 2.0 Rajjantak, Akshay Kumar and Shankar are together, and for the first time the 2010 film Anterror sequence, which had released as a Hindi robot.

Top 10 open-open open-ups in all formats, figures are overall by Box Office India.

1. Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion (2017) - 154.89 crore

2. 2.0 (2018) - 80 crore apprx

3. Thugs Of Hindostan (2018) - 63.50 crore

4. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015)- 55.03 crore

5. Kabali (2016) - 53.96 crore

4. Sultan (2016) - 51.15 crore

6. Happy New Year (2014) - 50.78 crore

7. Bahubali - The Beginning (2015) - 49.48 crore

8. Dhoom 3 (2013)- 45.67 crore

9. Sarkar (2018) - 44.29 crore

10. Sanju (2018) - 43.74 crore
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On Nayanthara's birthday, makers of Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy unveil her look from the film - view pic

The Nursa Reddy team did not choose a better day to liberate the post of Neitherthra from the movie. The actor celebrated the 34th anniversary today and the producers released this film on the film in which he plays role of Sarma, Chanjjavi's wife of actressivada Nadsaima Reddy. Actress looks like a traditional dress poster with traditional ornaments.

This film is based on the release of the release of the releases of freedom of the Liberia, due to the rebellion against the Indian community, on the life of UVWorld Narasma Reddy. The film is in the shooting process. The films are also stars in the main characters, you are stars starring Tanna Bhattia, Vijpayee Stripe, Sandeep and Jagpa Baba. Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan will be seen in an audio in the film, while music is being produced by Bollywood musician Umt Tavidhi. The budget estimated for Rs 200 crores.

Recently, pictures from Georgia's schedule make photos on the internet. Chanjuji, Kochichi, Pardeep, Vishi Satipathi, Jagatti Babu and acting Brahmaji were part of this schedule and the makers incorporated these important roles. Directed by Sandy Rady, Ra Rama is ready to release at the Radio Reddy in 2019 and conspiracies are not yet confirming the release of the movie.

Kanji Raj Narasma Reddy is being bolded by Kundila Production Company, belonging to Chengjevi's star beta Ram Charan team.
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2.0 Box Office Collection: Rajinikanth's movie fails to overtake Baahubali 2's Day 1 earnings

While the Indian settlements fell sharp radar, he earned a valuable amount on his first day. Since then, it has been recorded to break. And a better film than Rajinikanin's new release, which was about to come to remove Amir Khan's film from her nipples immediately.

Thalaivar's new movie, 2.0, is really, as predicted as a success to break the record of Huston. However, it still failed to finish Baabobali: Record of the opening day of the end. The record of the most opening business with Bhubali is still maintained: the result is Rs 121 crore.

2.0 made its first day Rs 60 million, as mentioned in a report in LightMint. That means 2.0 was not only at midnight but he got Rs 50 crore. Shot before the mark of the set. The Hindi version of 2.0 is Rs 22-23 crore. Made it while Rs 18.2 crore from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Box Office. Made it. Official numbers are still waiting.

As the box office was mentioned in India, the Hindi version of 4,150 screens occupied 40%, which ran this version. While this year, some Bollywood can not be released, it is worth praising for three reasons. First of all, North India is not the leg of Rajnikekita, and it is not necessary to demand a fan. As capture takes a lot. The second reason is that many Hindi films are released
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Box Office Report: Rajinikanth-starrer 2.0 beats Sarkar and Kaala on first day in Tamil Nadu – here's how

It's almost 2.0 mania and at this time social media will not die by insane at any time. Rajanakkh's expensive budget budget is going on at the box office and drives previous releases for their money. 2.0 After getting Vajar and Rajjikk's own bowl of Vaj, Tamil Nadu has become the highest ground. The film went up to Rs 31.62 crores before Tamil Nadu in the Rs 33.58 crores.

The next one is the biggest difference and Rs 15.07 crores. Surprisingly, Sammakkakin's Sma Raja also inaugurated the inauguration day of Rs. 13.50 crores. Sanaa Sardha Kotm is the tune of Rs 7.24 crores on the fifth position. 2.0 The first day combinations were revealed after 2.0 is now declared as a block bed hit.

Earlier, commercial experts have predicted that 2.0 to Rs 60 to 75 crore, including every three languages. Can get the overall collection of. But the latest reports are going on, this film can earn more than that number and can become a block bed in all languages. As just about the first day collection of about Rs 35 crore. The summary is now, this number can still go to get out of data that is still in the ticket windows in the country or by the Tigers.
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After Jersey, Nani to team up with THIS star director for his next? Read on

Natural star Granny is shooting for upcoming sports drama jerseys, which are directed by Gothic Tannoriori. Jersey actor Sharda Surath of Jersey Canada is also starring as a leading lady and will be music by Tamil Sensor Anirsh Ravindender. And although it is in progress, reports are making such steps that Granny can work with a star director for his next movie. According to a report in Deccan Chronicle, actors will join Vikram Kalam Kumar's hands, who have directed films such as Isaac and Manam.

After Jersey, Nani to team up with THIS star director for his next? Read on

The report also shows that Granny was very impressed with the role whose character came out and moved forward. It is also said that Granny will start shooting for the movie when he will finish the movie of Jersey. It will only be in 2019. With this granny, Vikram Kumar hopes that the filmmaker has used various articles with different articles. Movies with great success.

Earlier, it was expected that Vikram Kama Kumar could meet Potato Arjun, who was seen in the Neo-Surrey Surya. However, allegedly collaboration did not work for unknown reasons and director contacted Granny script.

Many reports were present that Alo Arjun, Vikram Karam Kumar, would soon go to the floor. However, it shows that Abu Arjun will work with Arunha, director of Tractorik Srinivas. Actors work in the past with Tikakkaram on two movies.
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Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven Teaser: Nothing new to offer in this STR-starrer which is the Tamil remake of Attarintiki Daaredhi

In the context of the seventh round, STR Aka Sambo emerges and the actors look stylish. The directed by SUndar C, the Vineta Raja Vuuven Prayer is the Tamil Telugu bitter film Attarintiki Rindhi directed by the superhit Tamil Rakarkar Srinivas Kalyan-starrer. There is no new to present the sequence of Vantha Raja Vuuven and actually seems to be a verbal remake. Someone might actually have a few tango-friendly scenes in this tester that actually stood. STR fan fans are crying about the attitude of Raheen Vivone, who are now scared on social media.

Vanta Serwan Varuven, STR, stars as well known women besides Catherine Torresa and Mega Aksh. Mega Akash has seen that Samnata Aknunna played a role in the role while Patna Sabha saw the role of acting. Rama Krishnan actually plays the role of the role played by Naderiya, which is her role. Vanta Raja Vuuven's music is being formed by Hiphop Tamizha and because of this there is STR in the main role as a hope for the album. Originally, Attario Ritdi, Pont Clan Quon was a folk song for a Christian comedy scene. And also known for his singing, it would be interesting to see that a large actor will also lend his voice to the same scene. Vanta Raja Vuuven is being developed Lyca Productions, which recently released 2.0 banks controlled.
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2.0 Box Office Report: 5 records this Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer smashed on first day of release

It's just a day in which Rajinikan-Akshay Kumar Starter 2.0 has released and we are talking about the film which is Rs 100 crore. Is a collection of Rs 100 crore Apart from entering the elite club, 2.0 has created new and unwanted records on the way since release. 2.0 is the first film for Rajanjee, likes the call and cabbell in the Telugu state. As the film is ready to minimize many records, we look at 5 records in which 2.0 has created in the box office submission.

2.0 is the first film for Akshay Kumar who has earned a total collection of Rs 100 crores a day. Like Gold, Padman and Jolie LLB2, their previous major releases can not achieve its achievements, which was 2.0.

2.0 The first film of Rajinikanth is Rs 26.7 crore in Tamil Nadu. Is the most opening clock with the overall revenue. The last best of Rajanakkathath was Kuala Lumpan, which included about Rs 17 crore in Tamil Nadu.

The Rajkantakhi has followed a huge follow-up in the states of Telo and in the wake of such anxiety, the 2.0-star superhar's career has become the most powerful. 2.0 has estimated about Rs 18 crore in Telgo states. The biggest part of the Rajni film is to get the share of the share.

2.0 version of 2.0 has been presented by Karnohan and traders predicted that it is Rs 20-25 crore. Can earn anywhere between And this has proved true! The Hindi version of 2.0 has put around 26 million rupees worldwide and is the highest for any famous film after Baabobali.

And now we talk about Baibabali, 2.0 has already reached Rajamali-Director. 2.0 Now the second film after Bhobali is Rs 100 crore only on the first day of release. Is a club And with great reviews and audience responses, 2.0 can be near the total combination of the basketball that we can just wait.
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Inside pictures from the baby shower of KGF star Yash and Radhika Pandit's first baby

Kannada actor Yash, who will look at the next multi-language KGF, and the wife pleading Pandit is expecting her first child. Rashadha yesterday Bangladesh was a shower shower and it was attended by friends and family members of the couple. Salmman, as he says in Canada, was a big deal and the couple were greeted for their first child. Pictures from baby shower are being wired on various platforms of social media and fans of beautiful couple of Kannada film industry are sending their love and blessings to Yash and Rais. Yash and Raadhika Pandit signed a Gothic agreement on December 9, 2016 for a few months after dating. Rukka Pandit has worked in a few Kannada movies before her cabinet and Mr Ramchary marry her star. This is his first child and this pair is very happy to welcome a new member in his family.

Jash's next project is the next major in the Kannada film industry, and the movie is released in five languages - Qinamam Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. The beginning of Yash in KGF Bollywood will also be marked and the film is being presented by Farhan Akhtar and Rathore Sidddani's master entertainment. KGF is directed by Prussian Nail and Kan Kool is set in the Gold Fields mining Mafia background. The KGF trailer recently started, which looks very impressive and has got attention from the entire country.

See the KGF trailer here ICYMI ...
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2.0 movie review and release LIVE UPDATES: Rajinikanth film opens to positive reviews

2.0 Release movie analysis and live updates: Rajinjinth and Action Kumar Star 2.0 2.0 released today. Shankar has directed, India's most expensive film is also the most anticipated movie of the year.

Regarding the Reginic Star 2.0 today and it says it is temporarily awaiting distortion on the silver screen that it will not be understood. Chip travels continue with 2.0 movie sources but at this time she is challenged by a villain played by Akshay Kumar. 2.0 Antenna is considered as inspirational successor.

In Shankar's film, Akshay Kumar has surprised the audience after the time of sight. With the trailer, the fans are interested in a unique story.

Rajinkanth and Akshay Kumar come together, this movie will treat the audience everywhere. Amy Jackson also plays an important role in the film. As the most expensive film made in the Indian cinema, 2.0 seems to be the biggest movie we've ever seen.
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Rajinikanth 2.0 out now on Nov 29, Akshay Kumar confirms new release date

Rajinkanth and Akshir Kumar 2.0 will now be in November and fight against Kadendath of Pratant Singh Rajput.

According to reports, the film involved in many VFX work was postponed. At least 11 studios work on visual effects from around the world. In the film launch of Dubai in Dubai, VFX supervisor Srinivo Mohan said, of course 2.0 undoubtedly he also works on the most challenging project.

The film has reported that Rajenkanth has played a significant role in the double role - Dr. Vasinsanj and a robot (although we still do not know what it is called). In Enthiran, the robot was called Chitti. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan played interest in love in the first part and Amy Jackson would play a significant role in this regard against Rajinikan. According to media reports, Aiss played in the upcoming film to the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Richard, while Amy demonstrated humanity.

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Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 creates another record, beats Baahubali and Avengers: Infinity War

Even before its release, Rajinkantha and Akshay Kumar-Starar 2.0 are on record breaking breaks. While 2.0 remains the cheapest worldwide Indian film, it is ever expensive film in the history of Indian films. And now, if the entertainment industry tracks Ramash Ball, the film has another record.

According to Balika, more than one lakh tickets of Shankar Director have already been sold in the bookmark show. Numbers, writes hair, is more than Shankar's Magom's Open Bhaboogal: Start (2015) and Hollywood Super Heroes Flickr: Infinity War released in April this year. If an average ticket price takes up to Rs 250, the film has already been added to its kitty Rs 25 crores, which is unusual, to say at least.

2.0, Amy Jackson played an important role, will never be seen before VFX. Actually, it is due to CGI's great work that the movie is delayed - it went to the floor about three years ago. The film trailer gave us a glimpse of the 2.0 VFX heavy world. However, a special part of fans was not happy. (2.0 Box Office Collection: Rajinjinth, the film to restore his entire budget in the first film of the Academy Kumar?)
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Our baby is really lucky to have Yash as a father:He become very happy

April 23 is a day that will always be always in memory of her. And okay. "Daddy, mother and I had to travel this week and then I came to know that we were hoping. I got vacant for a moment and when I hit it, I was jumping well. I wanted to Share the moment with Yash, but he was away from Missouri and I could not reach it. When I finally did, I told him to come to the video call. "Why? Do you miss me a lot, "Yash had a quick answer.

I asked him to come online and ask all these questions, "Rica is laughing with Pandit, the day she found out that she was pregnant with her baby with a pregnant yash." When she came to the video call I asked him, "Are you ready to become a father?" He registered it with a moment and when he realized that I just said, Yash was more than the moon. In the next three hours, he returned home in Bangalore with a huge barrier filled with sweets. I can not even start explaining how it was extremely interesting. We later shared the news with our families that day, "please agree.

The fact is that Yesh always loves the children and that's why Ra'ma loved them. "When he proposed to me, Yash said the best things. He talked with a point in which he saw
Self, his wife and a rooftop, with a baby, on a beautiful beach. And the woman was in her view. He made this agreement with me, "says actor.

Since the couple find out that they are expecting, Yash is spending every trial moment with him and has not left any stone to fulfill the wishes of his women. "In contrast to the richest mothers, I did not like anything. But one day, I felt like eating coffee." The next hour, every kind of sizes and sizes of the calf The taste was placed in front of him, "he added," I'm not getting out of these days for these days, as I'm now closer to the expected date. "

Recently I just did at the same time to launch the KGF trailer. And when I got the goods for this event, I got it
Manage all scanners to switch to the building. That's what: When I leave home till I get back, it ensures that I'm comfortable every moment. "It's not all about the child that there is no room for a romantic resort." Yash recently associated Radica Maldives to a gangster.

"We had a comfortable time and on the way, I told Yash that it was possible that we would be the only two of the last two holidays.
Which he said, 'It's all when I just had to share my life with you.' Now we will become a new person to share our lives. 'I know this child is really lucky.

Yash was a great friend, a wonderful boyfriend and a better husband too. I am confident that our child will get the best prescription, "says Rajdecca, because couples welcome their child in December.
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Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson's Techno Love Story in '2.0'

Whoever said, the robots do not have a heart, Rajinikanth's 'Robot' (2010). The superstar's character of Chitti in director Shankar's magnum opus
really brought out the emotions and it was novel because these feelings came from a robot. They are much-anticipated sequel, titled '2.0' up up for release later

This month and the new movie features include Rajni's Chitti returning along with Amy Jackson as Nila. The new movie has a story that says robots have a heart and that
They can also have a love story. The film's antagonist, Akshay Kumar, also plays a completely new kind of character.
At the film's recent trailer launch, Amy Jackson spoke about her role. She said, "It was difficult playing the role because I am usually very animated and
Robots are not so much. Shankar sir helped me get into that zone and I had to be more reserved and actually think like a robot. But Rajni Sir as Chitti was
isrigible and he stole the show. "Shankar revealed that Amy was the right actor for the role. He said, "Amy was the perfect actor for the part because she
has the right physique to fit the suit of the robot and she is very hard working. "The romance between Amy and Rajinikanth characters will be a big
surprise for the viewers of '2.0'.
Rajinikanth revealed that it was tough playing the part of Chitti. At the event he said, "With my health issues proving to be a barrier, I have lost confidence
pulling off this role. I also told Shankar that I want to opt out of it, but he was willing to wait. During the shoot, it was a challenge to get Chitti's suit,
too. It weighs 14 kilos and put it on and playing it difficult. "
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