Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey to tell acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal's story

Director Mughal Gulzar, who shares this film; tells it that it will go in March and will be shot mainly in Mumbai and Delhi.

Mega Gallaser is present in Delhi for its next directorial 'Chhapak' in a rice, in which it is a disturbing and inspiring truth story of the living lassi Agrowal (troubled) surviving the acid attack. The film is expected to go to the floor on the third week of March and will be shot mainly in Mumbai and Delhi. As the source was already reported,

Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey to tell acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal's story

Deepika Padone has not only created the film with the film actress but also Mega. Now, we have learned that Vacation Messi is copied in contrast, his role featured Lexmie's partner Alko Dart.

"The cast is slowly coming together." Viktor is this that I wanted to work with 'Raja', after that 'death death in Gun Gun'. In this film he plays the Northern Indian boy who Before he professionally used before becoming a actor, he started the campaign against acid violence, which he came to meet Lucy in real life. When I said that I If I really encourage both of them to take part in the Vatican, I have played this part. "

On the topic of film title, he says that he was killing two criminals, the Hindi word of Sulfuric acid and 'Chapakak', a sparkling sound. "Later the past stressed me and resented with each one I told him that the film is proof that the film is about to be fast and very fast," the movie said. The instrument is meant to be.

He shows that it was giant clerics who came with the idea of ​​making 'Taloor' and threw the project on it. "I thank my stars that there was a presence of my" Yes ". Again, there was a story that took me. Two different producers wanted to connect me to the novel on the screen, demanding it. So, I thought it was important to tell him. But after 'Taloor'

I wanted to make my own material and, while doing something else, I came in various stories of survival of the acid attack. They tell that the lymph It was so important that it was important for its social and legal impact.

After 'Razza', Magna had planned to roll with field martial sim manike shop, but after finishing the draft, he realized that on the subject and scale, before the movie

There may be a few outputs. Since he had a script, he first decided to go along with a stick, asked for a meeting with Gupta. When he explained his story, the actor told him honestly that he was looking at a lightweight, some of the tough films were going on in the last few years. But two weeks later,

when Magna pointed to the script, as long as he reached the end, Deepika decided that he was filming. "This was organic because it is such a story. And with this decision was made organic as it is because I want to be close to it by the whole process." Megan said.

During his research, he saw the pictures of Lucy before the attack and only a person who had come in his mind was Deepika. "But I did not even think I'd like to play this role in my most beautiful dreams. It is not easy when your face is your phone card. To agree to put on it and to yourself a movie For an acid attack is a difficult way to survive outstanding, "he added, adding that they are trying to get as much as they can, and test the prosthetics to be continued. "Due to many phases of facial

construction, the film looks different. Fortunately, we have a great idea on the board," he says. How is the lymph in the film involved? Megiving, whose script has been communicated more than two years, said that he has treated a detailed story and scriptplay with a lecturer.

The director quietly told that "he is pleased with what we have prepared." And will there be a song in the movie that will bring his father, Gulzar to the team? "It's not a matter that mutually singes songs, and it's all that I do myself, but I hope we'll find a place for some song," she says. Looking for years and a new challenge
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'Amavas' trailer: This Nargis Fakhri and Sachiin Joshi film will surely give you nightmares!

Bollywood division Nargus Fakiri's next film is 'Amaus' trailer out! The filmmakers recently shared the interesting trailer of the film and we are confident that they will be scared out of you.

'Amavas' trailer: This Nargis Fakhri and Sachiin Joshi film will surely give you nightmares!

The film is featured by Bhishan Patel and stars include stars, Sachin Joshi, Navy Cover Dhulan, Mona Singh and Ali Asgar.

Speaking about the trailer, it talks about the evil energy and the dark that occurs during the unfortunate night of Immasia. The busy trailer of this movie is not enough for the reason and will definitely make you angry.

Recently, Nagasee took the Twitter to share the new poster of the movie, who confirmed the film's ongoing history. Director Bhushan Patel Pitt is known to make the awesome scenes known with famous films such as 'Ragney MMS 2', '

Alone' and 'Return of the Evil 1920', and this trailer has now been inspired by each level. Is up
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Die Hard Trailer Makes Its Case as the Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

It's up to date again! As of every holiday season, people once again discuss how to rank dead hard: is it a Christmas movie or not? Well, 20th Century Fox decided "yes.

" With their flag planted in the earth. Today, the studio released the new Christmas trailer for one of the biggest action films ever taken.

Die Hard Trailer Makes Its Case as the Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

Lastly, the rating of this movie's Christmas status is not really important. However, the fact is that many people have written about the traditional effects of their annual holiday tradition that a movie kills all its marks along with it.

The process promotes this holiday-locked trailer to the full-franchise's new 4K Blu-ray restaurants for the classic. Mary's Hard - The Christmas Edition, which is available on Blu-Ray, Digital and 4K, includes five five Murray Hard movies and 4 special holiday cards. The announcement was paired with a poem:

'Newcastle Plaza was a party party festivals before Christmas in the night before Christmas, but was soon hindered by the drama. Her grandfather and his men forced their way, and threw them inside. John McLean had arrived to win his wife's love. They appreciated all of them, used to welcome the Christmas day, with their favorite cats.

In addition to the original, all four layouts are also available: Mary Hard 2, a good day for Meri Hard, Live Freight or Murray Hard and Meri Hard for a Hardy.
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Aquaman Gives Entourage's Vinny Chase a Shock in HBO Parody Video

If you are a fan of Entourage, you are familiar with the legendary success of James Cameron Aquaman in Vinny Chase (Adrire Granner). Well, in theaters now with the original Oman movie, HBB has unfortunately enjoyed its arc in its hit series, labeled things as "awards".

The HOB twitter account featured a video video inside a theater video, with a look at the Vinn's Aquaman trailer during the season.

Aquaman Gives Entourage's Vinny Chase a Shock in HBO Parody Video

The clip has been copied, "It's OK," and for good reason - when seeing Vinny sitting down to see the promo to take as Atlantis king in the cinemas with the rest of his boys, he actually is James Van See the trailer for the movie.

The fantastic comedy of the clip and my wonderful Atlantic soldiers of Jesus Murray, Orthodox Carrie and Amber Sond, and Black Mata, in the epic episode of the film in Sicily. From the future, this new trailer has answered the confusion of encouraging castes.

As laughtered with Maya in the process of Aquaman's action, Vinny asked the gang, "Who was the man who was a man?" This video has been sent wrong. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I'm sorry to hear from you.

Whatever happened, encounter cast members in HBO's glory. As we know, Vinny shocked this character and changed a sequel in Season 3, but by all the indicators, look like Warner Bros.. Seeing the sequence behind it; In the real world, we expect mamo to sign up easily.

James Van, Aamman by Ajman stars, Amber Sond by Ajanaman stars Jason Momova, Patrick Wilson marine master, William Dapho as William Dapho, Black as Aiah Abd alien II, Thomas Crais as Timorora Morris, Kidman as Dolphin Grenzes Nurses and Nicole Queen's Earnings. This film has opened December 21 across the country.
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LG’s rollable TV will reportedly be an actual product in 2019

From the CE 2018, LG Display Rollble TV prototype has started selling next year as a consumer product, which spoke to Bloomberg.

LG’s rollable TV will reportedly be an actual product in 2019

The 65-inch OLED panel can not be back in a base when it is not used, or can hide the part of the screen so that the shot content in the wide aspect ratio can be seen without letter box boxing.

Bloomberber also says that LG is likely to expose its first 5G phone into the Mobile World Congress in February, but it is not surprising that Sprint and LG already have 5 g in the first half of the year. Device is planned to issue.

In the past month, Inquet has reported that he has seen the internal documents that shows that LG will display full online rollable TVs on CE 2019 instead of prototype shown by the LG Display Affiliate in January. Inkjet and Ian "

Alex" blocks also showcase an LG folder phone exposure, but Bloomberber's sources otherwise believe.
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PewDiePie fans hack the Wall Street Journal

The PV DDP fan had already hacked Wall Street Journal, it is a claim that the paper is being offered an apology by trying to withdraw one of the survivors of YouTube's anti-crew opponents.

PewDiePie fans hack the Wall Street Journal

 Is Editing a sponsored post on the journal-linked site was modified to make the publication "pardon apologize", and by newspaper journalists he was "to blame". The hack note also states that the journal PewDiePie will sponsor in an attempt to defeat a rival channel in the race over the users.

Wall Street Journal representative said he was aware of the problem and started complete investigations. "This page was owned by WSJ. The custom solution, an advertising arm unit, is not connected to Wall Street Journal News Newsroom."

The Wall Street Journal immediately removed the damaged page, but is still available to read through internet archives.

The PV DDP fan, Wall Street Journal, has been opposed to the creation that he released an investigation in his channel in February 2017.

This research used anti-language language, in which Flex "Pie Dipp" Kjellberg lost his YouTube Red Series. Dyer is being dropped down by PewDiePie and Disney's make-up studios.
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Rohit Shetty on collaborating with Akshay Kumar: We will definitely work together

Rohit Shetty, a filmmaker, said she had discussed some ideas with Akshay Kumar, but both did not ban what she would do. Reports have been told that Roh has signed Aksha for the next, who will go to the floor after filmmaker 'Samaiba'.

Rohit said, "When I am doing, I will always be open. We have taken one or two ideas. I want to work with it, and we will definitely come together.

Rohit Shetty on collaborating with Akshay Kumar: We will definitely work together

"But at this time, we have left an idea yet, and we have just a few meetings what we can do and what we should do." Everyone is saying that our combination will be good. "

The director is currently looking forward to releasing his "Police" Samba ". The film is the role of actor Singh as actor.
Roht has worked with branches like Shahrukh Khan and Ajmi Dagan, the first director and director, say the energy of the ranger is "completely different".

"I have not seen this man very positive. A boy who is a superstar at this young age. His mentality, his thinking is still middle medicine. So he is the favorite of the media, the audience loves them. Yes, he has a big fan below. "

The director of "Chennai Express" says Runner did not make any prejudice and the way he works, is the way to become the next superstar.

"I've spent almost every day for the past six months and you know if someone's fake. He's really the one he's. What you see is the world. That's how hard, honest, emotional, is the next superstar. "

Sara Ali Khan is being targeted, 'Sambaiba' plans to be released on December 28.
The director says, although he knows that his loyal film is audiences, he is happy that 'Samba Saba' is the size.

"People feel that they are their movies. They have the property that works for me ... but I am happy with the movie. It will be big, numbers will do it, it's secondary. I'm honest I could not lie to myself.

"We have worked hard on it and it is ours. I will make movies every year and also find some movies with 'Sangham', 'Chennai Express' or 'Goa 3' and 'Sambaiba'. It's happened. Dust is absolutely perfect. "
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